UPDATED: Mar 2020

To access our main listings of international schools, local schools with bilingual programmes, please click on the following links:

Below are the updates and latest additions to our listings of international schools as well as local schools that have an international orientation or that feature some unusual or maverick educational philosophy.

A listing of Democratic / Sudbury-styled schools


Below is a link to a directory listing for cramschools:

The juku jungle: an annotated directory of cramschools

EHOIKUEN.NET is a useful site to help you search for nursery daycare centers – and you can find daycare centers by first looking at the specific location listings, and even choosing Montessori specific daycare centers by identifying the names with Montessori or KODOMO NO IE in them

Special Needs schools and information

International School – a Triple A investment in — your child’s and — Japan’s future 

Choosing a school in Japan for your kids  (Surviving in Japan)

4 thoughts on “THE SCOOP ON SCHOOLS”

  1. To Whom it May Concern,

    I am looking for a day care in Osaka, preferably in Nishi-ku that caters to 5-6 months olds and offers a good mix of Japanese and English. Our child is an American citizen, so an international school would be great, but we also would like her to have exposure to Japanese culture and education.

    I would also like to know more about your programs for teaching left and right brain. Is this home schooling only or do you have a facility where I could send my daughter to?



  2. Thank you for the concise description of Kyoto International University & KIU Academy. A small update that you may want to consider including is that we also have an elementary school. Indeed, we have been blessed by meeting the educational needs of the internationally oriented Japanese community, the Returnee community and the Multi-cultural community. Again, thank you for the great service your website is providing.

  3. we are french, and looking for an japonese or english school for our little boy 7 yo. appart the fuluoka international schoo, that is out of budget for us, do you have any advic, such as a montessori school or other.
    thank you

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