Showa University of Music’s Music and Arts Management BA programme

Showa University of Music (昭和音楽大学 ,Shōwa ongaku daigaku)
1-11-1, Kami-asao, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi

Showa University’s Department of Music and Arts Management, established in 1994, is Japan’s first degree-level program in Arts Management. The program offers a four-year BA in Arts Management .

The number of theaters and public halls have been built and the number of arts organizations has been increasing rapidly in recent years in Japan. This program is designed to meet the complex management needs of these arts organizations. The primary objective of the Showa University program is to educate future arts managers and cultural administrators. To this end, the interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on the development of managerial skills complemented by courses in the performing arts history and aesthetics. A high percentage of Showa University graduates have successfully obtained positions in the wide range of arts organizations, including concert halls, orchestras, opera companies, ballet companies, arts entrepreneurs and other arts services.

To see details of the curriculum, please refer to this page.

International Students who have completed 12 years education, or who have the equivalent qualification approved by Japanese Minister of Education are welcome to try for the course. Applicants must submit the application form, the letter of recommendation, certificate and official transcript issued by the school last attended, medical certificate, copy of passport and entry visa, (or copy of the certification of alien registration), photocopy of certificate of 1st grade of Japanese Language Proficiency Test and money order for the examination fee. Successful applicants are required to have an entrance examination at the Showa University of Music.

Applicants should write to:
Showa University of Music
Academic Affairs Section
808 Sekiguchi Atsugi-shi Kanagawa, 243-8521, Japan

International Students can also take the same entrance examination as Japanese applicants do. Applicants must take English test and one of the following four tests: Japanese, Japanese history, world history and mathematics. Applicants are also required to have an interview with university representatives.

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