Tokyo Children’s Academy (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Tokyo Children’s Academy website

YODA Bldg. 2~5 floor, 3-15-13  Shiba, Minato-Ku Tokyo 105-0014
Phone: (03) 5765-6697 Fax: 5765-6698 mail:

The first and only school in Japan that is exclusively for children with advanced cognitive abilities. The private school aims to provide an individualized education, that will appropriately challenge each student’s abilities and to provide access to academic opportunities without discrimination on the basis of chronological age. The school’s programs will address each student’s unique needs for an accelerated and challenging program and nurture the special needs and interests of the child’s development.

Academically, Tokyo Children’s Academy’s philosophy is to teach the children new information as they are ready for it. Small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios facilitate the diversified curriculum. By incorporating daily computers, science, logic, and foreign language, the school is able to expand the children’s academic opportunities and make school fun. By eliminating needless repetition and diversifying the academics, the school is able to accelerate to meet each child’s needs.

Students will be grouped by learning goals, project goals and academic level.  They will work with a variety of other students in different learning projects based on their needs. There are no grade levels, instead children are generally grouped as follows: Primary 3-5, Lower-Elementary 6-8, Upper-Elementary 9-11 and Middle school 12-14. Academically, the school seeks to provide innumerable activities that foster high-level thinking, encouraging students to go far beyond factual material, encouraging them to think outside of the box, synthesizing and evaluating divergent materials.

Since the school provide classes composed of intellectual and developmentally equal peers of similar age and pace of learning,  special requirements must be met for admissions: only children that score around the top 5% on the Woodcock-Johnson tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJ-III) and who are performing above grade level  are admitted.

 Tuition fees for 2009-2010 are between 2 million to 2,100,000 yen
(see fee schedule
IQ tests alone can set you back between around 300,000 to 400,000yen

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