Kidschool International Learning Center (Isumi-City, Chiba)


Location: 320-6, Oshibi, Misaki-machi, Isumi-shi, Chiba 299-4622
Phone/fax: 0470-87-9087 Email:  
The founder’s vision was to establish a school rich in artistic atmosphere, where children increased their global awareness, learned English naturally, and received increased sensory stimulation while participating in creative art experiences. Kidschool, an
English immersion international learning center for children was born – Kidschool is a school for children aged 0-8 years, offering an English immersion program using a western theme-based curriculum is special for its creative vision and focus on increasing global awareness.
The goal is to educate the whole child through age-appropriate songs, music, art, games and activities that introduce eight areas of learning: Language, Math, Science, Art, Music, Body movement, Inner world and Outer world. The school is run by two artists using a theme-based curriculum. One central theme is integrated into all learning activities that are structured in the content areas: Language, Art, Math, Science, Music, Movement, Inner World and Outer World. This provides many opportunities for children to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills because they use English for a variety of purposes in the classroom.

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