Zion Christian Academy website: http://zionchristianministries.org/zcai/
586-10 Kuwai, Chatan-Cho, Okinawa 901-0102

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Zion Christian Academy is a full service “Christian” school (from Kindergarden to 12th grade) with the emphasis on “Christianity. From a  100% focus on value and morale training that focuses on Biblical truth, to the adoption and adherence to the ABEKA Book curriculums, Zion is committed to a philosophy of excellence in education.
Zion was established by Rev. James & Gloria Whitaker in 1992 in Yomitan-son Okinawa in as a K-4 through 6th grade school.  Zion was moved to it present location in Chatan-cho in July 1995.  That same year we added our Jr. High and High School by way of video courses and also enrolled our first Japanese students.
With the help of a great teaching staff, a wonderful phonics based curriculum, and the grace of God we believe that Zion Christian Academy is simply “The best place to train up your child in the way he or she should go”.
Zion Academy as well as its fellowship (church) is very diverse in racial and cultural makeup with a mixture of about 30% local Japanese students that speaks English, about 10% Caucasians, 30-40% Black, about 20-30% others nationalities or Asian American mixed. Approximately 80% of Zion Christian Academy teaching staff is made up of full time missionaries.  The other 20% are locally hired from our host nation of Japan.  Occasionally military dependents are hired to supplement our staffing needs.