Japan – The International Dyslexia Association
Japan Dyslexia Research Association
Junko Kato, M.D. President
c/o Kato Clinic
Kowa Bldg, 3F Nakasaiwaicho
3-32-7 Saiwai-ku
Kawasaki-city 212-0012
Telephone: 0-(118) 144-5220-011
Fax: 0-(118) 114-5985-7525
Email: jkato@mb.infoweb.ne.jp

Further resources:

NPO EDGE(エッジ)  Japan Dyslexia Society (Non-profit organization) 

This NPO provides supports support to dyslexics and other learning difficulties, including an established wide network with other groups of people who are involved in supporting developmental disabilities (as well as with similar organizations in other parts of the world).  This network now has a membership of more than 100,000.

Activism by the NPO was responsible for the passing of several laws in 2005 and 2006 – Developmental Disabilities Support Act, School Education Law, Disability Independence Support Benefit Law etc. EDGE’s activities include: Lobbying government; Policy and best practice (collaboration with LEAs); Employment; Education; Guidance advice; Assessments; Tuition/Courses; Training of learning support assistants; Events, seminars, forums, workshops on simulating dyslexic conditions; Running campaign and raising awareness through various media; Consultancy to LEAs; Development of Dyslexia Assessment Tool in Japanese language; Publishing Booklets on Dyslexia, Newsletters; Pier consulting sessions for Adult dyslexics; Resource center for teachers and parents. See also its publication “Dyslexia Japan” International Book on Dyslexia. Email: todo@todoplan.co.jp for more information

Readings on dyslexia problems for Japanese education and Japanese language learners

Articles on the difficulties of learning Chinese writing, activation of different parts of brain for learning Chinese vs. English, implications for dyslexic learners