Schools that run Japanese language classes or programs in the U.S.A.

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia:

Georgia Japanese Language School
Saturdays 9:00 – 3:00
Ages 5 to 16
Language test for non-Japanese

Momonoki Yochien

More from their information brochure

Tonbo Japanese Saturday School
Smaller program, has a few JSL teens currently in addition to normal
native speaker programming
Ages preschool and up

Seigakuin Atlanta International School

Pre-school/kindergarten for 2½ – 6 year old (yochien style) and elementary school offering Japanese/English Two-Way Immersion program and Christian values five days a week. Seigakuin Atlanta International School is accredited through the Japanese Ministry of Education.

5505 Winters Chapel Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30360
Phone: 770-730-0045

Winters Chapel Kindergarten & Day Care Center
Hoikuen style program up to 4 years old
After school program for up to 12 years old

International Preschools offers Japanese programs

The Small World International Student System (S.W.I.S.S.) offers trilingual education.

Aside from its Georgia school, it also has SWISS schools in other locations– Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Louisiana, New York, California and Ohio.


The Small World International Student System (S.W.I.S.S.) offers trilingual education including Japanese.

South Hadley, Massachusetts

Amherst Japanese Language School

Mostly parent-run, parent-taught; very small (esp. in the upper grades); concentrates mostly on kokugo and math

Boston Nihongo Gakkou

Officially recognized and supported by Monbusho, a huge school, follows Japanese curriculum


The Small World International Student System (S.W.I.S.S.) offers trilingual education.

Los Angeles:

[Note: The following are Kyodo System schools]


(Preschool, Elementary, Jr. & Sr. High School)

202 N. Saratoga Street,
Los Angeles 90033

Phone: (323) 268-4955 (Saturday)

detailed info

Valley Gakuen

(Elementary, Jr. & Sr. High School)

8850 Lankershim Blvd.,
Sun Valley, CA 91352

Phone: (818) 504-0959 (Saturday)

detailed info

Pasadena Gakuen

(Elementary/ Jr. High School)

595 Lincoln Avenue,
Pasadena, CA 91103

Phone: (626) 405-2321 (Saturday)

detailed info


(Elementary, Jr. & Sr. High, Cultural Classes)

1218 Menlo Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Phone: (213) 383-4706

detailed info

Orange County area:

Asahi Gakuen

Asahi Gakuen Orenji-kou, Garden Grove

The Orange County branch of the LA-area group of Monbusho supported schools covering the Japanese curriculum, yochien through high school. More than 500 students. Saturdays 8:45-3:30.

Saniku Tozai

Christian school offering Japanese K and elementary curriculum

Nishiyamato Academy of California

K- Elementary Japanese curriculum. Good reputation

Orange Coast Gakuen

OCG is one of the oldest and largest Japanese language schools in Orange County. Students range from kindergarten through Senior High School.  “The Orange Coast Gakuen (School) branch of the Japanese Language School Unified System aka Kyodo Systemwas started in Orange County in 1975 to give Japanese language training to children of Japanese parents. Unlike other Kyodo System schools, the Orange Coast Gakuen does not have its own property but has been renting classrooms from churches and private schools for the last three decades. Currently, the Orange County Japanese language school leases rooms at Brethren Christian Junior and Senior High School in Huntington Beach.”– Cultural News letter

Pi:k Cram School

Orange Gakuen

K- 12 Japanese language curriculum, summer camp

Kohitsuji Gakuen

Pre-school and for early grades afterschool program

Irvine Gakuen

(Elementary, Jr. & Sr. High School)

23802 Avenida de la Carlota,
Laguna Hills, Ca 92653
(St. George’s Church)

Phone: (213) 383-4706

detail info

Greater Sacramento (source: Kazue Masuyama):

Elk Grove Region:
Elk Grove High School, Florin High School, Franklin High School, Laguna Creek High School, Monterey Trail High School, Sheldon High School, Pleasant Grove High School, Smedberg Middle School students come to Sheldon High

Sacramento/Roseville/El Dorado Hills:
Winston Churchill Middle School, Bella Vista High School, John F. Kennedy High School, Mira Loma High School, Rosemont High School, Oakmont High School, Granite Bay High School, Oak Ridge High School

Davis Senior High School

Tokay High School, Lincoln High School

Pleasant Valley High School

Colleges /Universities:
American River College, Butte College, Sacramento City College, San Joaquin Delta College, Sierra College ,Shasta College, CSU (Sacramento, Chico, Stanislaus, Fresno), UC Davis

J. language programs for young children:

  • Port of Sacramento Japanese Saturday School (hoshuukoo) is a school for native speakers who will return to Japan. There are many students who speak Japanese as a second/foreign language, but to go to this school, students should be able to speak Japanese close to native speaker level. Hayashigatani sensei (a retired CSUS professor) is a principal for this school.
  • Sakura Gakuen offers Japanese Language classes for the 1st through 12th graders on Saturdays at Sacramento Buddhist Churchon. Adult classes are held on Monday nights.
  • Jan Ken Pon : is a parent cooperative program that educates children and their families about Japanese-American culture through exploration in language, music, arts and cooking
  • Churchill Middle School – one of a few middle schools which offer Japanese program. If a student takes Japanese I and/or II and earns B average, the student will be given high school foreign language credits. For more information, talk to Kumagai sensei. Smedberg Middle School students can also study Japanese at Sheldon High School.

New York:

The Harvey School ‘s students who take Japanese stand out in a crowd. They show prospective colleges and future employers that they possess determination, patience, and no fear of challenging themselves.

260 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Small World International Student System (S.W.I.S.S.) offers trilingual education including Japanese


The Small World International Student System (S.W.I.S.S.) offers trilingual education.



Kanji Camp, Indiana Located in Northern Indianapolis, Indiana, International Business Language & Culture Institute (IBLCI) serves students in greater Indianapolis classrooms in mainly Hamilton County. Our students mostly live in Anderson, Carmel, Fishers, Indianapolis, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, etc. We provide students with creative instruction in: conversation — listening & responding practice in Japanese native language literacy — reading and writing help with hiragana, katakana and/or kanji. Tutors and camp leaders are native speakers of the Japanese language who have lived, worked and/or taught in Japan for several years. Approximately 125 million people around the world speak Japanese including folks in Brazil, Korea, Taiwan and the United States. Contact us 

Directory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs in U.S. Schools

Japanese language in U.S. High Schools

7 thoughts on “Schools that run Japanese language classes or programs in the U.S.A.”

  1. Orange Coast Gakuen Japanese Language School (“OCG”) is now an independent school (since 2010),and have three curriculum advisors (CSULB professors) who have tailor-designed new curriculum specifically to meet the needs of OCG’s diversified student population. Additionally, this Japanese language school now incorporates cultural studies as well as utilize high technological teaching tools to enhance their educational program. OCG offers Japanese language classes to students of all ages and various backgrounds.

    1. In addition, Orange Coast Gakuen offers Japanese language classes for adult learners, Japanese as a Foriegn Language (JFL), Japanese as a Heritage Language (JHL), Japanese classes for high school students, and at various levels. They also offer Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ikonobo) class for adults and Japanese Calligraphy for OCG students. All language classes also include various cultural activities and events throughout the year.

      1. As far as I know, the exhaustive list is:

        Seigakuin for 3 year olds through 6th grade, MEXT school – the only Monday – Friday normal day school in the area

        There are two Saturday language schools, Tonbo and Georgia Japanese Language School

        Two preschools other than Seigakuin’s – Winter’s Chapel Kindergarten (Full day daycare), Momo No Ki (Half day)

        For Japanese tutoring, Bunkado or Eriko Dunn

        There’s also a Japanese owned tutoring place in Duluth that mostly does ESL and SAT prep I believe (they used to be called Pegasus, I can’t remember their new name)

        These pages link to the above schools and some other resources:
        — Kate

  2. Atlanta International School: They do not have a Japanese concentration, however they do allow independent study in Japanese along with the regular English curriculum.

    This is a desirable school in the area. I know some kids with an American parent have gone here after Seigakuin and used the independent study option, so someone there should be able to provide detailed info about that. I also could put her in contact with one of the moms I know who has done this.

    There’s also OMNI which isn’t so much a traditional “international school” in my mind, but they have a very interesting program. They do half day in Japanese and are all local American kids.

    The director is lovely and I’m sure would be very accommodating for any Japanese families who might find themselves on the South West side of Atlanta (most end up on the North East side)

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