image E-Co-Labs イーコラボ classes for preschool to elementary school kids are being offered in Tokyo at  Tama Center, Cross Garden Center, 3F.







phone: 0120-415-255

Better known for the home correspondence educational programs, Dorazemi, and Dora-Kids … some of the leading Japanese educational program for early childhood developed by SHOPRO or Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd, its branch outfit Shogakukan Academy has a new offerings called E-Co-Labs or i-ko rabo, where weeks 1-7 are taught in English using story-based curriculum and EDU TALK pen devices. Five courses-classes are available: Pre-kids, Kids 1(nensho-nencho) Kids 2 (gr 1-3), Kids 3 (gr 4-6), middle school entry prep course (gr5-6).

About “Shogakukan Academy” — Comprehensive and educational programs are taught in the schools for students who range from kindergarten to junior high school levels.

Founded in 1970 with English education originally as the primary focus, Shogakukan Academy schools offer well-balanced “fun-study” class programs for students who can study and strengthen their fundamental learning skills such as “English” and other important subjects “Japanese” and “Mathematics”, which are skills necessary for students to use in their future.