Readings on Communism for homeschoolers

In The Weather Factor there is a poignant account of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the emotionally charged atmosphere and what it represented.

The Red Scarf Girl is a favorite for homeschoolers on the terrors of the Cultural Revolution
Youtube videos
None Dare Call It Treason (Lenin-Stalin regime)
E. European arena:

A Place Not Home – Eva Wiseman
Hardship is common but bearable in Communist Hungary. But with the I946 Hungarian Revolution comes a new wave of anti-Semitism, and I3 year old Nelly’s family ‘must leave all they know behind without even saying goodbye to their friends. A powerful story of escape and relocation. Award winning book. Ages 10— l6 yrs

Only A Matter of Time – Stewart Ross
A story from Kosovo of two fictional families on opposing sides of the conflict, the background of the fighting and the complicated issues that keep peace away. Ages I I —16yrs

Korean War

Peacebound Trains – Haemi Balgassi 
The author’s grandmother, reminded by the whistle of a train passing in the valley below, tells her granddaughter about the escape of herself with her two children from Korea, part of the journey being by train, as the North

Koreans advanced on South
Korea. Moving. Beautiful watercolour illustrations. Ages 7 —13 yrs

The Year of Impossible Goodbyes — Sook Nyul Choy
A deeply moving autobiography of the author, as she grew up under the Japanese occupation of Korea, lived through the Communist invasion, and fled with her family from their ancestral home in Pyong Yang to the West. Ages 12 yrs —adult.

Killing Fields, Living Fields -Don Cormack
Cambodia is largely known for the horrors of the Khmer Rouge. This book takes the reader back before that time and shows the amazing work of God in that country, continuing through the killing fields time up to today. Life-affirming and miraculous. Ages 14 yrs – adult

Vietnam War

The Lotus Seed – Sherry Garland
In this beautiful picture book for young children, a grandmother recalls her childhood in Vietnam, the abdication of the Emperor to the Communist army, her family’s flight during the war, and her precious lotus seed, taken from the Emperor’s garden. Now she gives seeds from that original seed’s flower to her grandchildren. Ages 4 — I 0 yrs

Little Brother – Alan Baillie

A classic story of courage and survival, based on the true story of one Cambodian boy who escapes from the Khmer Rouge and the Killing Fields to freedom in Australia. Adventure and an introduction to an ancient culture. Winner of multiple awards and translated into French and German. Ages 10 – 16 yrs
Mein Kampf, Hitler (1939)
Animal Farm, Orwell (1945)
The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank (1947)
For college-going readers and primary source readings:
The Gulag Archipelago,” Solezhenitsyn (1974)

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