Tama Center Kinder Kids International School (Tama Center, Tokyo)



Tama Center Kinder Kids – International School





Website: http://www.kinderkids.com/en/schools/detail/17/

Location: Tama-Center School is located on the first floor in a shopping mall called Cross Garden Tama. It is conveniently located a 5 minute walk from Tama-Center

Tama Center. キンダーキッズ Tama Center. Address 2-33, Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo CROSS GARDEN TAMA 1F

Phone: 042-357-1235

The Kinder Kids school operates as a combined Nursery and Daycare system.

Traditionally, international schools were generally considered to be available for children of expatriates and returnees. There were not many choices for Japanese parents who wished to send their child to a school where they could grow up acquiring an international perspective. Kinder Kids fills this need in the Japanese community.

Classes are divided into different age groups and have a low teacher to student ratio in order to support children to become bilingual and have an international perspective and a broad view of the world.

The school uses materials and curriculum that are original and have been developed by professional staff, specifically for our students. Over the years Kinder Kids has developed its own phonics program, complete with original characters to help children with their first steps towards English literacy as well as a new Sight Words program introduced for K1 and K2 from 2013.

The school is offering a unique Spring School iikids program that features cooking, yoga, drama, art&craft, science activities, wallrock-climbing, gym and ball play and more. The classes one can opt for are on a flexi-schedule where you can choose from 3-10 day options and also from three blocks of time during a day (more than one time-block is possible).

Tama Center is a branch of Kinder Kids chain of schools around the nation, and has schools in the following locations:

Tokyo: Tokyo; Tama Center; Shinagawa
Kanagawa: Yokohama
Aichi: Nagoya
Kyoto: Kyoto
Ibaraki Saito

Osaka: Osaka; Toyonaka

Higashi Osaka:


Osaka Bay


Nara: Nara Tomigaoka

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