International Kids Academy (Showa-ku, Nagoya)

Website:  (in English & Japanese)

TSK BLD.,Koubai-cho 3-8-4, Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi (Access map
Phone:  052-858-3933  Fax: 052-858-3934 Email:
Kawana-cho 2-9-9, Showa-ku Nagoya-shi (Access map
Phone:  052-799-5999  Fax: 052-799-5990 Email:
International Kids Academy is not your typical international school. It offers small kids, preschool and kindergarten classes taught by select, native-level English speaking teachers and equally skilled, personable Japanese co-teachers.
The school’s teachers encourage students to learn through exploration and positive-motivation (and not by coercion), as well as through team-oriented ideals that teach students to identify and value the strengths found in them and their fellow students. The school uses TPR (total person response) and pair teaching methods.
The curriculum is focused towards phased, progressive English immersion. Students in our program learn as if they were attending school in an English speaking country but with the facility of Japanese teaching assistance.
The school’s phonics system helps students connect alphabet letters to their respective phonic pronunciations, so that from an early age, they will be able to read and enunciate familiar as well as new words they encounter. This phonics system consistently helps students realize higher achievements in class and reduces the need for secondary, remedial assistance.
A variety of programmes are available beginning with the small kids classes for kids aged 1.5 -2 years; the preschool and kindergarten day (10-3 pm) programmes as well as a number of afterschool programmes for local elementary school-attending children.

5 thoughts on “International Kids Academy (Showa-ku, Nagoya)”

  1. I’m sorry but this is not at all true. If it was ever true before–which i doubt it was– it’s not true anymore. IKA is an absolutely excellent place for kids, and I don’t have any ulterior motives for saying it. The kids there get a top-knotch education, and the foreign and Japanese staff members both absolutely love the kids. If you don’t like to work hard or invest your time in your job, then you shouldn’t work at IKA. But the work is so much fun and so rewarding.

    1. Makes you wonder why they have taken all the negative comments off. The truth hurts IKA!!! True the kids do get a top notch education but it is like a sausage machine there! All the owner wants is to make as much money as possible. This is not about who is prepared to work hard and who isn’t. Everyone there has no choice but to work hard, ALL THE TIME – NO BREAKS, or else you are gone regardless. To all the new staff for the 2014/2015 school year, good luck – you’ll need it. To all the kids, I hope the VERY big class sizes will help you learn English properly.

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