Anyone who is over 15 years old on April 1st of the year of high school entrance and satisfies one of the four
1) Anyone who has graduated from a Japanese junior high school or will graduate from it in March.
2) Anyone who has finished nine years of education in a foreign country.
3) Anyone who has been transferred to and graduated from Japanese junior high school, or will graduate from it in
March when one hasn‟t finished nine years of education abroad.
4) A student who has graduated from an international school such as Brazilian school is not admitted as a
candidate. They need to pass the “Junior High School Graduation Equivalency Exam”, held annually in
November. As for the details of the examination, please ask “Special Education Support Section”. Tel: 054-221-2090

For more see The Guidebook for entering Senior High School in Shizuoka Prefecture this guidebook is very useful for general information even though it caters for residents of Shizuoka Prefecture