Teddy Bear International School (Toyonaka City, Osaka)


Website: http://www.e-jonathan.com/education.htm
1-11-30 Nishiizumigaoka Toyonaka City Osaka Access map at http://www.e-jonathan.com/map/map.htm
Phone: 06-6867-3055 Email herriot@nifty.com

Preschool classes for 2-4 year olds, kindergarten 1&2 class and Jonathan’s School program for preschool through high school and university students and afterschool program for 8-15 year olds. The school curriculum emphasizes fostering creativity and small class size and offers the following:・Language (English Japanese French ) ・Arts & Crafts ・ Science   ・Music&Movement ・Mathematics  ・Social Studies 
  ・Cooking  ・Outdoor Activities ・Gardening ・Creative Play

A summer program and study tour to Perth is organized for the school’s students. The school facilities have a cozy and homey feel.

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