OGA (Ortiz Global Academy) International School (Yasukata campus)

1-10-7 Yasukata, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture Japan 030-0803
Phone: + 81 (0)17-776-0911 Email info-oga@mail2.actv.ne.jp

Website: http://www.oga-international.com/


OGA International School (Hamada School)

Website: http://www.oga-international.com/OG

Address: 3-10-18, Aoba, Aomori-City, Aomori-Pref.
Play Day – Preschool – Kindergarten


Founded in 1996, a 10 minute walk from JR Aomori Station (Higashi Exit).
It offers preschool and kindergarten day programs see this link for more details, daycare for kids aged 1-12, and an afterschool for kids aged 3-12 years and an ESL program for elementary school kids.

The Kindergarten Program takes children on to the stage of preparation for grade. Monthly and weekly themes focus on direct instruction of vital core subjects. Emphasis is placed on mastering language development. The curriculum for kindergarteners is rooted in the latest research on child development. Fundamental instruction includes English and Japanese language growth, math, science, social studies, art, drama, music, as well as motor skills training and social development.