Homeschooled in Japan, but headed to the UK?

If you are home-educating your children in Japan, but wish at some point to send them to schools or to universities in the UK, you may be wanting to check out the resources below:

To get an idea of current teacher practices in England and also resources,  try –
Government strategies and national requirements (Huge site detailing requirements) –
National Literacy Trust (Big site, abundant in information) –
Coxhoe Primary School, Durham (great site offering an abundance of links, advice and pages for kids) –
Hamilton Trust – Providing planning and curriculum -If you are a parent in need of curriculum you
would be hard pushed to find another resource like this one. Please note that this site is rich in ideas
and suggestions on how teachers/schools can cover areas in the primary curriculum and as such is not an “open at page ….” curriculum. Its used extensively by teachers (especially NQT’s) in England and Wales.
BBC Schools
Some games I like on the site can be found here(good site for kids who like to work it out for themselves/choose what they want to study)- –

(Source: Info courtesy of James S.)

Homeschool support organizations used by homeschoolers in the UK:

NorthstarUK Learning Online  Launched in September 1999, NorthStarUK was the first fully online learning community providing secondary education in the UK. Working with families who home educate their children and small schools around the world, we are changing the way that formal learning takes place. Providing online secondary education in key subjects, NSUK helps home educating parents to provide formal education, otherwise than at school. Whether you are looking for home ‘school’ or informal home-based learning NSUK is here to help parents make informed choices about the education of their children. NorthStarUK tutors provide their IGCSE and A level students with considerable support to ensure that they are ready for their examinations, in addition to providing guidance on issues such as examination entry. However, it is the responsibility of parents to enter their child for examinations with the examination board and to find an examination centre where their child will be able to sit the examinations. NorthStarUK uses textbooks from a range of major publishers. Families are expected to purchase their own textbooks from a list provided by NorthStarUK on enrolment. In Spanish we make use of resources produced by the National Extension College (this is included in your course fee). While using secular textbooks students are equipped to consider their studies from a distinctively Christian perspective. Our objective at NorthStarUK is to encourage students to be aware of major trends and movements within the world, while at the same time being able to critique these and stand solidly on a Christian world view. Our curriculum, however, is used by families from a wide-range of beliefs. Elective home education is a right that families in the UK have enjoyed for many years. NorthStarUK exists to support families who want to home educate their children through the years of secondary education.

NorthStar Academy serves students living in some 80 different countries with over 40% living in the United States.  NorthStar Academy is an accredited online school serving students in grades 6-12 offering a high school diploma. NorthStar Academy offers an alternative option for educating students.  Choose from online teacher-led or the online parent-led programs – Christian online school custom-tailored for schools, families and home schoolers see the homeschool and independent study (HIS) program.
Read more about Northstar Academy in Jill Morrison’s review.

Parents who are interested in boarding school options in the UK may be interested in these Links to top UK boarding/prep schools listing.

General home education in the UK websites include:

Home Education in the UK. Provides support, Advice; contacts for Home Educating parents & Children, includes leagal guidelines, Links to other sites
Education Otherwise Education Otherwise Association Ltd., charity registration no. 1055120, operating in the UK; its members have a high level of interest in the fields of home-schooling, education at home, …

Home education in the UK Resources and articles for British home educators; homeschooling articles; maths; parenting; grammar; GCSEs and more; legal information about home educating in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Home Education UK Home Education, the legal schooling alternative – learn to university level and above in your own individual classroom and in your own time.

Home Education Advisory Service HEAS is a support group which offers information for home educators including advice about educational materials, resources, GCSE examinations, special educational needs, information technology, and legal matters.

Expert Advice on Home Schooling at A Home Education (UK)  Extensive information on home schooling including: UK regulations; ideas for lessons and planning; helping a child achieve the right qualifications and the social implicatons of home schooling.

Home Schooling UK– Expat Education Overseas, Expat education overseas and primary school home education in the UK. Primary Home Schooling UK provide home schooling for primary children from years 1 to 6.
Home Education UK Community– A Community for sites related to Home education in the United Kingdom.

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