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News: MEXT: Eigo Note to be replaced by Hi, Friends! for 5th and 6th graders  – see summary of the topics offered here.

We received a CD rom of the “text” and also a hard copy from our BOE just a couple of weeks ago. The CD Rom was sent out to the schools, but because none of my schools so far have printed it out, it’s news to almost everyone.  Anyway, only the fifth-grade teachers know they will be teaching the sixth-grade classes. The sixth- and fourth-grade (and second-grade, for that matter) teachers don’t know where they will be. Probably hoping they don’t have fifth-grade classes.

BTW, “text” is in quotes because there’s really not that much text — although more than there was in Eigo Note. Mostly pictures, a few words and some Japanese. Although, for beginners, I do think written words get in the way of how the words are actually pronounced.

Some things are corrected in the new books, but some things . . . are hilariously wrong. For example, there’s a long “I like” section where kids like random things. In this issue, they actually made the things plural! Hooray! No more “I like dog.” However, they now have the ambiguous “I like pineapples” (in a decorating scheme??) and “I like melons” (on a curvy blonde?). Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I think the book is going to have to be replaced in a few years. So, making any Eigo-Note specific or Hi, friends! specific materials is . . . an exercise in obsolescence. Right now, my plan is to do things that are related to the grammar points, but not exactly the same. Although, some teachers hate that . . . .


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Goodbye Eigo Note, Hi, Friends!

Extra English hours up to 4 hours a week will be allocated from this April …

Source: JetProgramme forums EIGO Note has a new book coming out but it’s not an upgrade of Eigo Note it’s a brand new book HiFriends

Eigo Note resources by ALTs for ALTs:

The introduction of the ‘Eigo Note’(by Harry Carley)

闍ア隱槭ヮ繝シ繝 Lesson Plans and Activities to teach the EigoNoto

EIGO NOTO on a positive note(by Ellen Head)

闍ア隱槭ヮ繝シ繝 Doing a Self-Introduction 

Miscellaneous ALT resources:

Language textbooks need big picture for meaning (Mike Guest, Yomiuri Jan 15, 2012)

Flashcard bank

Reforming English teaching in Japanese universities:  Creating a Language Community

Adapting the Shared Inquiry Method to the Japanese Classroom” – @ pps 219 -223 For the past 6 years, the Kohkugakuin Jr College and Hokkaido Gakuen-University have been adapting “experimental courses” the method used by the Great Books Foundation to the Japanese classroom. (The next two articles were interesting reading for me as well)

A Day in The Life of ALT

ALT Wiki

Difference between an ALT and an ELT; All about life as an ALT

For the ALT

The ALT experience


The following resources are the courtesy of Adrian Heinel (Assistant Language Teacher, Kakegawa – shi):


English  Find grammar explanations and activities here.

Free pdf is a website that converts the Adobe Acrobat documents to Word format.

Site for turning long URLs into shorter ones.

Places to find CLIP ART Online Dictionary


ESL HQ Free ESL Flashcards and other resources Ideas for games, lesson plans, etc Worksheets, lesson plans, rubrics, teacher resources

ESL Gold Teaching resources, lesson plans, games, handouts, etc. Well organized into four skills (writing, speaking, listening, etc), and levels

TESL-1 Listserv Like the name implies, a great site for making crossword puzzles, etc Various resources for teaching and studying English Genki English useful for elementary school

Englipedia JHS resource area Online TKB created by the people in Sendai

The Shizuoka team-teaching magazine It Takes Two and

It Takes Two TKB resources in googledocs (a fair amount of stuff)

Community Learning Network

Mama Lisa’s World

Children’s songs with lyrics

ETJ-Aichi, great resources

School Express online resources

MES, Free Printables for Teachers Jobs, Worksheets, and Flashcards for the ESL and TEFL Teacher

Board Games and Board Game Templates at

Free Kids Activities at Activity Village UK

STUDENT RESOURCES Places on the net to help students study English

Phonics International

Education Fun for Kids at


Primary Games/Online games is an Internet Based Phonics Course

Learn to read with

Flash Games for Kids Free online learning games and activities for kids


Hamamatsu JALT

JALT Shizuoka


JALT Bilingualism SIG

English Teachers in Japan

Education in Japan

RESEARCH LINKS Research Methods from around the world  Research Methods Knowledge Base


ITESLJ The Internet Teaching English as a Second Language Journal

ELT news

The JALT Journal

The Language Teacher

The JACET Journal

The Asian EFL Journal


The CALL Journal (for Computer Assisted Language Learning)

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