Kanto International Senior High School (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Website: http://www.kantokokusai.ac.jp/english/
3-2-2 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071 (see access map)
Phone: 081-3-3376-2244 Fax: 081-3-3376-5386

Kanto International Senior High School, located in central Tokyo, was founded in 1924. It is a private three-year coeducational high school with three departments: the Department of General Education, the Department of Foreign Studies and the Department of Performing Arts.

The school encourages its students to take an active role in the pursuit of world peace, to be broad-minded and to cultivate sensitivity towards other cultures – all qualities necessary to develop truly international people and has as its goals:

*Kanto aims to create international exchanges by building an educational world standard through links with overseas schools that share our goal of preparing young people for a new era, the era of a global society.
*Kanto aims to broaden students’ horizons by helping them to understand the cultural, historical and educational environments not only of Japan but also of other countries.
*Kanto aims to foster a spirit of friendship and mutual respect so that students acquire the knowledge essential for being an active contributor to the international community.

The school underwent several name changes to settling on Kanto International Senior High School in 1986 and finally on Kanto Internationa l School in 1998. It expanded to add a high school in 1948 and Sumire Kindergarten in 1950.

With over 1,000 students, the school has faculty and staff are from countries other than Japan, are all dedicated to educating internationally-minded individuals. Kanto students can study abroad at schools and universities with which we have established exchange programs, thereby receiving a chance not only to learn a living language but also to experience other cultures. Kanto students can study abroad at schools and universities with which the school has established exchange programs in order to learn a living language but also to experience other cultures.

Situated near the high-rise buildings of Shinjuku, in addition to homerooms, other facilities include science, sewing, music, computer and dance rooms, a library and a gymnasium. The school also has another campus, the Katsuura Training Center, which is located in Katsuura, Chiba, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean where all of its students experience a week-long stay twice a year. The expansive site is approximately 370,000m² and has classrooms, dormitories, cafeteria, gymnasium, pool and a farm. The Katsuura program includes sports and volunteer activities as well as outdoor activities in which the students can enjoy nature. The facility is also used for exchanges with various countries as an international educational venue.

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  1. My son wants to becan exchange student on his grade 12. He is now in grade 11. What are the requirements for exchange students? Can he still apply as exchange students even after being an exchange student in USA?

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