Science books for a sense of wonder


Anatomy and Health for elementary graders:

Germs Make Me Sick by Melvin Berger, Marilyn Hafner

Germs! Germs! Germs! (Hello Science Reader Level 3)by Bibbi Kate, Steve Bjorkman 0060242507

What Makes You Ill (Usborne) $4.96 Basic Info about germs and viruses and immune systems

The Human Body: A First Discovery Book, Sylvaine Rawls, Gallimard Jeunesse 0590738763

The True Book Of Your Body Alice Hinshaw

Watch Me Grow: Fun Ways to Learn about Cells, Bones,Muscles, and Joints by Michelle O’Brien-Palmer (ages 5-9) 1-55652-367-X

The Body Book

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body by Cole (Scholastic) $4.99

Oliver’s Vegetables, Vivian French, Alison Bartlett

The Children’s Book Of The Body, Anna Sanderman, Ian Thompson (4-8) 076130519X

Usborne Flip Flap Body Book (three volumes in one: What Happens to your food?/How Do Your Senses Work / How are Babies Made?) Cartoon-style but nicely done and stimulating

The Bones Book / Book and Skeleton, Stephen Cumbaa, Kim La Fare (includes model)

Everyone Poops, Taro Gomi (Japanese version available)

The Gas We Pas: The Story of Farts, Shinta Cho, Amanta Mayer Stinchecum (Japanese version available)

The Holes In Your Nose, (My Body science series), Genichiro Yagyu, Amanda (Japanese version available)

Contemplating Your Bellybutton, Jun Nannao (Japanese version available)

All About Scabs (My Body Science Series) Genichiro Yagyu (Japanese version available)

The Brain, Our Nervous System, Simon Seymour (4-8) 0688170609

Hear Your Heart by Paul Showers

I Wonder Why I Blink, Kingfisher I Wonder Why series

Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup and Yawn by Melvin Berger (Let’s Read-and-Find-Out Science)

My First Look At Touch, DL

My Five Senses, Aliki(4-8 yrs)

My Five Senses, Margaret Miller

On The Move by Deborah Helligman

I Can Feel By Touching by Carolyn Otto (4-8yrs)

The Amazing Pull-Out Pop Out Body In a Book, David Hawes

The Amazing Pop-Up Body In a Book, (Dorling Kindersley)

The Skeleton Inside Of You, Philip Balestrino, True Kelley 0064450872

It’s Perfectly Normal. Changing Bodies, Growing Up. Sex & Sexual Health by Robbie Harris, Michael Emberly

Busy Feet, Elizabeth, Elaine Watson

Wheelchair Story Rachel, Elizabeth Fanshawe

The New Baby, Ruth and Harold Shane, (Golden book)

The Private Zone

Face Talk, Hand Talk, Body Talk, Sue Castle

Anna’s Silent World, Bernard Wolf

Lisa and Her Soundless World, Edna S. Levine

The Noisy Brook, Margaret Wise Brown

The Berenstein Bears Visit The Dentist, Stan & Jan Berentstein

Spectacles, Ellen Raskin

Why Do People Eat? Usborne

What’s Inside You? Usborne

The Human Body A First Discovery Book

Looking at the Body by David Suzuki suggests good hands-on experiments and quizzes

My Amazing Human Body CD Rom (4-8) 0789422395 (Multimedia)

Anatomy for middle graders:

Usborne Young Scientist Human Body $6.95

The Human Body by Vriesenga $10. 96 A collection of reproducible blackline worksheet and activity masters all having to do with human anatomy and physiology. Available from

Every Body Has a Body, Robert Rockwell

How The Body Works, Reader’s Digest:

Eyewitness Visual Dictionary of the Human Body, Dorling Kindersley

Start Exploring Gray’s Anatomy: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book, Stark Fred

Human Anatomy Coloring Book, Margaret Matt, $2.95

Blood and Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides by Allson $13.95 Available from

High School Anatomy (Grades 9-12):

A.D.A.M. The Inside Story CD Rom $39.95

(British) Gray’s Anatomy, Collector’s Edition

Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide, Steven D. Garber

The Eyewitness Visual Dictionary of Human Anatomy, Richard Walker

Readings: Hippocrates, Medical Treatises

The History of Medicine by Tiner Fascinating account of the story of medicine from ancient physicians to modern genetic engineers, including the personal stories of key medical pioneers.

Earth Sciences (elementary graders):

The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth by Cole (Scholastic)

How We Learned The Earth Is Round, Patricia Lauber, Megan Lloyd

How Come, Planet Earth? By Kathy Wollard $12.95

Feel The Wind, Arthur Dorros, $3.96

The Sun, The Wind and The Rain, Lisa Westberg Peters ISBN 0805014810

The Little Island, Margaret Wise Brown

Kipper’s Weather (baby-toddler)

One Morning In Maine, Rober McCloskey

Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll, Franklyn Branley, Ed Emberley

The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola (Reading Rainbow Book) friendly way to help kids remember cloud names and forms

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs by J. Barrett For 3-7 yrs, story about strange weather with meatball falling out of the sky

Deserts by Gail Gibbons

Desert Life, Ruth Kirk

Rocks and Minerals, Herbert Zim

Let’s Go Rock Collecting, Roma Gan, Holly Keller 0064451704 $3.96

Water, Concept Science by Colin Walker 081362767 (Modern Curriculum Press)

Follow The Water from Brook to Ocean, Arthur Dorros

Rain Drop Splash, Alvin Tresselt]]The Strom Book Charlotte Zolotow

Down Comes The Rain (Let’s Read And Find Out Science), Franklyn Branley, James Hale 0064451666

What Will The Weather Be? Lynda Derwitt, Carolyn Croll

What Is Weather? B. John Syrocki, EdD

Weather: Air Masses-Clouds-Rainfall-Storms-Weather Map, Paul Lehr, R.Will Burnett, ,Herbert Zim, Golden Nature Books

Sunshine Makes The Seasons, Guilio Maestro, Branley 0064450198 (includes an experiment showing effect of tilt of the earth)

Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll by Franklyn Branley

When Winter Comes by Robert Maas (Scholastic) Bright cheery pictures suitable for preschool – K reading

Also When Spring Comes; When Autumn Comes; When Summer Comes

Caps, Mittens, Socks and Mittens: A Book About Four Seasons, Louise Borden, Lillian Hoban 0590448722

About The Seasons Activity Book (4-8) 0590448722 $2.54

Four Stories About Four Seasons, Tomie De Paola, 0590462962 $2.54

A Child’s Introduction To The Four Seasons, Maria Rius, Jose Maria Parramon (for the very young preschooler)

Round and Round The Seasons Go, Rozanne Lanzak Williams, Roseanne Litzinger 0916119408 Also The Four Seasons

Be Blest: A Celebration of Seasons by Mary Beth Owens (all ages);  0-689-80546-2 

How’s The Weather? : A Look At Weather and How It Changes (Discovery Readers) 0064451631

How Mountains Are Made by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld, James Graham Hale, 0064451283

Volcanoes by Simon Marc Branley, 0064450597

Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens by Jim Latimer (ages 7-10)

Earthquakes by Richard Rosenblum, F.M. Branley

The Snowy Day, Ezra Jack Keats (children’s literature)

White Snow, Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt, Roger Puvoisin (ill) Preschool to early elementary literature

Snow Is Falling by Franklyn Branley

North, South, East, and West by Allan Flowler (Rookie Read-About Science) $4.95

For middle graders:

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

How The Earth Works, Reader’s Digest


For elementary graders:

Oceans by Seymour Simon

Icebergs and Glaciers by Seymour Simon

What Is Water? Adaline Hagaman, M.S.

A Drop of Water by Walter Wick award winning photography and pictures of water suitable for younger children but difficult text including concepts of water tension make the book more suitable for middle graders

The Magic Schoolbus At the Waterworks by Joanna Cole

Waves, Herbert S.Zim

The Ocean Book : Aquarium and Seaside Activities and Ideas for All Ages by Center for Environmental Education
Grades PreK – 6 Published by John Wiley & Sons ISBN: 0471620785

The Ocean Book: Aquarium and Seaside Activities for all Ages, by the Center for Marine Conservation Staff, Grades PreK-6. Published by John Wiley & Sons, 1 Wiley Dr., Somerset, NJ 08875,  800/225-5945 .

Ocean (Eyewitness Series) by Miranda MacQuitty Grades 4 – 12 Published by Alfred Knopf ISBN: 0679873317

The Oceans Atlas by Anita Ganeri Grades 4 – 12 Published by Dorling Kindersley ISBN: 1564584755

Exploring the Seashore, William H Amos (National Geographic)

The Seashore, Noisy Book, Margaret Wise Brown (preschool – K)

I Wonder Why The Sea Is Salty ( Kingfisher I Wonder Why series)

At Last To The Ocean: The Story of the Endless Cycle Of Water, Joel Rothman

The Brook, Carol and Donald Carrick,

Rain, Rain Rivers, Uri Shulevitz (preschool – K)

What’s Under The Sea, Solveig

The Little Island, Margaret Wise Brown (literature reading) (preschool – K)

The Marine Biology Coloring Book, by Thomas Nielsen, Grades 7-12. Published by Harper Collins. Available from Farm Country General Store, Rt. 1, Box 63, Metamora, IL 61548 800/551-FARM.

Marine Biology coloring books from Dover Publications:

Whales and Dolphins, by John Green
Sharks of the World, by Lyn Hunter
Tropical Fish, by Stefan Bernath
Fishes of the North Atlantic, by Thomas C. Quirk, Jr.

Grades 3-8. This company publishes a broad range of high quality, detailed coloring books that are inexpensive and educational for ALL ages. Write to them and request a free catalog at Dover Publications, 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, NY 11501.

Let’s Investigate Slippery, Splendid Sea Creatures, by Madelyn W. Carlisle, (Let’s Investigate Series), Grades 3-7. Published by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 250 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788,  800/645-3476 .

Don’t Blink Now! Capturing the Hidden World of Sea Creatures, by Ann Downer, (New England Aquarium Books), Grades 5-8. Published by Franklin Watts, 5450 Cumberland Ave., Chicago, IL 60656,  800/672-6672 .

How Did We Find Out About Life in the Deep Sea?, by Isaac Asimov, Grades 4-7. Published by Walker & Company, 720 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10019,  800/289-2553 .

The Strange Eating Habits of Ocean Creatures, by Jean Sibbald, Grades 4-8. Published by Silver Burdett, Simon & Schuster, Inc., Prentice Hall Bldg., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.

Deep Sea Vents: Living Worlds Without Sun, by John F. Waters, Grades 5 and up. Published by Dutton Childrens Books, Division of Penguin USA, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014,  212/366-2000 .

videos for sea life studies:

Really Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive, by National Geographic Kids Video, available from National Geographic.

Life in the Sea, by Questar Video. Available from Great Christian Books,  800/775-5422 

***The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson

Literature linked reading:

Moby Dick by Herman Melville and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea, by Frank Peretti, (Cooper Kids Adventure Series), Grades 4-7. Published by Crossway Books, Division of Good News Publications, 1300 Crescent St., Wheaton, IL 60187,  800/323-3890 .
Island of the Blue Dolphin, by Scott O’Dell, Grades 3-7. A Dell Yearling Book, published by Dell Publishing Co., 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036,  800/233-6834 .
Lighthouse Mystery, by Gertrude C. Warner, (Boxcar Children Mysteries Series), Grades 2-7. Published by Albert Whitman and Co., 6340 Oakton St., Morton Grove, IL 60053,  800/255-7675 .

Astronomy for elementary graders :

First Guide to the Universe

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System by Cole

How Come, Planet Earth? By Kathy Wollard $12.95

So That’s Why The Moon Changes Shape! by Allan Fowler (Rookie Read-About Science)

When You Look Up At the Moon by Allan Fowler (Rookie Read-About Science)

The Moon, by Michael Jay

The Moon Tonight, Gerald Hawkins

Starry Messenger, Peter Sis, The Story of Galileo (4-7)

The Moon Jumpers, Janice May Udry

Wait Till The Moon Is Full, Margaret Wise Brown

Night Sky Guide by the editors of Sky and Telescope Magazine $12.95 (user-friendly, tops for beginners, a moon map, planet finder)

The Planets In Our Solar System, Franklyn M. Branley, Kevin O’Malley 006445178X $3.96

Day Light, Night : Where Light Comes From, Stacey Scheuett, Franklyn Branley

I Want To Be An Astronaut, Byron Barton (for preschoolers)

One True Book: Astronauts, Carol Greene

Let’s Find Out About The Sun, Martha & Charles Shapp

The Day We Saw The Sun Come Up, Alice Goudrey

It Looked Like Spilt Milk, Charles Green Shaw

The Sun’s Asleep Behind the Hill, Mirra Ginsburg

Sun Up, Sun Down by Gail Gibbons (Scholastic)

What Is A Star, Daniel Q. Posin,

The Sky Is Full OF Stars, Franklyn Branley

Stars and Planets, Usborne 0746035241

Stars and Planets: The Usborne Young Scientist, $6.98

I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other Questions About Space Carole Stolt, Kingfisher I Wonder Why series

Stars (A Guide to the Constellations Sun, Moon, Planets,and Other Features of the Heavens)

Comets, by Herbert S. Zim

Me And My Place In Space by Jan Sweeney, Annette Cable

Find The Constellations, H.A. Rey

The Night Sky — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator) Published by McGraw-Hill ISBN: 0070580456 Stunning illustrations will teach kids about stars, planets, nebulae, comets, meteors, the moon, constellations, and classic myths…through focussing on one small square of night sky near Orion.

Eyewitness Activity Files: Space (GREAT material for those of you with space fans for students!) by Emma Bowden
Reading level: Ages 9-12 DK ISBN: 0789427923 (Folder full of loose historical document facsimiles–exciting news clips, pictures of Saturn taken with the Hubble Space Telescope’s wide field planetary camera, a 17-by-22-inch poster chronicling the neck-in-neck space race between the former Soviet Union and the United States to get a man on the moon, the first “handshake in orbit,” and tittilating factoids such as in 1984 a hive of honeybees traveled to space aboard the U.S. space shuttle Challenger? Or that the footprints left by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the Moon will probably still be there in a 1,000 years time)

Earth Science and Astronomy For middle graders (The Planets and The Solar System; elements of the earth’s crust, parts of the earth; the continents, the plates, types of clouds, types of stars and characteristics):

How The Universe Works, Reader’s Digest $24

DK Visual Factfinder: Stars and Planets

Science in A Nutshell Series $32.98

Fossil formations; Rock Origins

The Glow-in-the Dark Night Sky book, Stephen Marchesi, clewit Hatchett $15

Spotter’s Guide: The Night Sky $4

Astronomy:The Galaxy Guide

Luminous Star Finder

Eyewitness Science : Astronomy Reference book

Astronomy : the earth and the sky (earth science and astronomy) for middle graders

Planet Earth, Visual Factfinders Series

Stars and Planets, Visual Factfinders series

Spotter’s Guide: The Night Sky

The Glow-in-the Dark Night Sky Book

The Stargazer’s Guide to the Galaxy

Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe by Terence Dickinson $29.95, Spiralbound; Firefly Books; ISBN: 1552093026 A very interesting, well-written guide for older kids & adults just getting into stars. Lots of good suggestions & references. (reviewer: Dave Carlson)

Stars and Planets by Ian Ridpath $18.95, Paper; DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789435217 One of the DK Handbooks, this book has great maps and explanations. Nice compact size. (reviewer: Dave Carlson)

Astronomy for high schoolers:

**Secrets of the Universe by Paul Fleisher

Galileo and the Magic Numbers by Sidney Rosen

Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide, Dinah L. Moche

Readings: Nicholas Copernicus, On the Revolutions Of The Heavenly Spheres

Johannes Kepler, Epitome of Copernican Astronomy, Harmonies of the World

Galileo Galilei, Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences

Physics for elementary graders:

What Makes a Shadow, Clyde Ro bert Bulla, June Otani

The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay (ages 8 and above) $35 (science kit also available)

Switch On, Switch Off, Melvyn Berger, Carolyn Croll

What Makes a Magnet? True Kelley

What Is the World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquids and Gases by Kathleen Weidner8Let’s Read-and-Find-Out Science)

Air Is All Around You by Franklyn Branley

More Mudpies to magnets: Science for Young Children grades 1-4

Wood / Plastics / Air / Water / Glass / Metals (Modern Curriculum Press)

What Makes A Shadow, Clyde Robert Bulla, ISBN 0060229160. $15.89

It’s Melting, Learn To Read Science Series, CTP, ill Robin Koontz

What Is The World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquids, and Gases* Stage 2, Kathleen Zoehfeld, [Pant] Meisel

What’s In My Pocket? Rozanne Lanczak Williams, Lucyna A.M. Green (ill.), CTP (preschool book about shape, size, texture, solids)

Day Light, Night : Where Light Comes From, Stacey Scheuett, Franklyn Branley

How Do They Build It? Tim and Greg Hildebrandt

All About Electricity : Do It Yourself Science Book by Melvin Berger, Marsha Winborn (Illustrator) 4-8 Scholastic Trade ISBN: 0590480774

Blinkers and Buzzers : Building and Experimenting With Electricity and Magnetismby Bernie Zubrowski, Roy Doty (Illustrator) 9-12 yrs Beech Tree Books ISBN: 0688099653

Thomas A. Edison : Young Inventor (Childhood of Famous Americans Series) by Sue Guthridge, Wallace Wook (Illustrator) Ages 9-12 Aladdin Paperbacks ISBN: 0020418507

Batteries, Bulbs and Wires: Science Facts and Experiments (Young Discoverers Series) by David Glover, Grades 1 – 4 (Kingfisher Books, LKC, Inc.) ISBN: 1856976319

The Magic School Bus Taking Flight A Book about Flight by Joanna Cole (Scholastic)

Janice VanCleave’s Electricity: Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects (Spectacular Science Projects Series) by Janice VanCleave,Grades 3 – 6, (John Wiley & Sons) ISBN: 0471310107

Benjamin Franklin: Young Printer (Childhood of Famous Americans Series) by Augusta Stevenson Grades 2 – 6
( Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division) ISBN: 0020419201

Samuel F. B. Morse: Artist With a Message (Sower Series), by John Tiner, Grades 3 – 8, (Mott Media) ISBN: 0880621370

Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics by Charles Ludwig Grades 6 – 10 (Herald Press) ISBN: 0836134796

Electricity Video Science Lab, includes an instructional video and lab worksheets, as well as the required electrical parts to perform the various lab experiments. Grades 4 – 7. Available from Farm Country General Store, Rt. 1 Box 63, Metamora, IL 61548. (800) 551-FARM

Science Lab in a Supermarket by Robert Friedhoffer

Science by Mail program sponsored by the Museum of Science, Boston, MA. Hands-on science program that links children with a working scientist. 1999-2000 programs include science of sports, imaging, planetary science, communications, simple machines, flight and more. Designed for kids 4th-8th grade organized into groups of 1-4 children.

Madame How and Lady Why by Charles Kingsley

Physics Lab in the Home by Robert Friedhoffer

Physics (Electricity/Light/Sound/3 Gas laws/ Force and Motion/ Time and Space)

Eyewitness Science books :Electricity (inventions); Force and Motion; Time and Space (op)

Janice Van Cleave’s Physics For Every Kid and/or

Adventures In Science $7.95 : Electricity/Color & Light; Magnetism; How Things Work

Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia $39.95 (a good reference book)

Basic physics for middle graders (5-8 graders):

Scientific Notebook: What We Used / What We Did / What Happened / What We Learned

A Drop Of Water : A Book Science and Wonder, Walter Wich ISBN 0590221973

Electricity (Eyewitness Science Series) by Steve Parker Grades 6 – 12, Dorling Kindersley ISBN: 1879431823

The Story of Thomas Alva Edison (Landmark Books Series) by Margaret Cousins, Grades 4 – 8, (Random House Books for Young Readers) ISBN: 0394848837

Story of Inventions by Frank P. Bachman

Louis Pasteur, Sower Series, Mott Media

It Couldn’t Just Happen by Lawrence Richards Non-evolutionary perspective of science

Science In A Nutshell (Not a living book, 8 kits featuring 8 areas):

Bubble Science; Charge It; Static Electricity ; Electrical Connections; Energy and Motion; Gears At Work; Magnet Magic; Sound Vibrations; Work-Plane and Simple.

Hundred Hands-On Science Experiments, Greenleaf Press $15.95 (experiments)

Powers of Ten About the Relative Size of Things in the Universe by Philip Morrison $22.95

Always Inventing by Tom L. Matthews

Physics Lab in a Housewares Store by Robert Friedhoffer

Fairy-Land of Science by Arabella Buckley (page images) text only 

High School Physics:

Basic Physics-A Self-Teaching Guide by Karl Kuhne or

Saxon Physics Home Study Kit (technical, math-focused physics course)

Op: Physics Projects Kits $8.50 from Educational Designs : Crystal Radio; Electric Bell; Electric Motor; Electro-Magnetix)

Readings: Albert Einstein, Relativity: The Special and the General Theory (trans. Robert W. Lawson)

Aristotle, Physics (Classical reading)

Stephen Hawking, a Brief History of Time, Michael J Behrer, Darwin’s Black Box

Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick A Science Biography

Ordinary Genius by Stephanie McPherson Science Biography

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity by Robert Cwiklik Science Biography

Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules, what the elements are, how they interact(middle graders):

Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia

Adventures with Atoms and Molecules (choose from 60 experiments contained in first two books )

Janice Van Cleave, Chemistry For Every Kid: One Hundred One Easy Experiments That Really Work $11.95 from Education Connections

Games Element O.

Smithsonian Michrochem X M3000 $34.99 good complete chemistry set

Or Goose Eggs, Greensboro, NC The Wild Goose Company $5.00 Minilabs (Crystal farming/Hot frosty/ Micromucus/ Putty Buddies) or $29.99 for the Megalabs (Crash and Burn Chemistry/Kitchen Table Chemistry/Microcrysta Chemitry/Ooh Ahh Chemistry/Slime Chemistry)

High School Chemistry:

Chemistry: Concepts-Problems-a Self Teaching Guide by Clifford C. Houk, Richard Post

Brian Knap, ChemLab series, $285.00 12 volume series (illustrations,experiments and definitions)

Robert Boyle, The Sceptical Chemist (Classical readings)

Isaac Newton, Principia

Antoine Lavoisier, Elements of Chemistry

Euclid. Thirteen Books of Euclid’s Elements

DK Eyewitness Science: Chemistry

DK Science Encyclopedia (read chemistry section)

Periodic Poster, Nashua, NH: Delta Education $10.78 laminated poster

Physical world: Nature and Biology and Botany and Zoology (life science):

Handbook of Nature Study, Amy Comstock (Reference nature book for parent, it contains many beautiful readaloud scripts to be read to children)

The Country Diary Of an Edwardian Lady, Edith Holden. An inspiring example of how to make a nature notebook

A Sense of Wonder by Rachel Carson

grades 1-4:

Living World Encyclopedia $14.95 (referencebook, not a living book) Order

Roots and Shoots: All About Plants

The Usborne Complete First Book Of Nature (suitable from K upwards)

What’s Alive, Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, Naine Bernaaaard Westcott, $3.96 ISBN 0064451321

Is It Alive? Kimberlee Graves, Robin Koontz

A Tree Is Nice, Marc Simont, Janice May Udry

The Dead Tree, Alvin Tresslet

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons $6.95

Secrets of the Woods by William J. Long

How A Seed Grows by Helene Jordan, Loretta Krupinski

The Dandelion Seed by Joseph Anthony, Cris Arbo (winner of Ben Franklyn award)

The Everyday Trees, Gertrude D Allen (pencil drawings)

Maple Tree, Millicent E. Selsam

The Biggest Living Thing, Caroline Arnold (about Sequoia trees)

Trees, A Guide to Familiar American Trees, Herbert S. Zim

Why Do Leaves Change Color, Betsy Maestro, Loretta Krupinski

What’s Inside Of Plants, Herbert Zim

The True Book of Weeds and Wild Flowers, Illa Podendorf (water color drawings of most wildflowers)

Dandelion, Pokeweed and Goosefoot, How the early settlers used plants for food, medicine and in the home

The Reason For A Flower, Ruth Heller 0448144956 (about plant reproduction)

The Tiny Seed, Eric Carle (preschool)

Seed Song (Learn to read Read to Learn series from Creative Teaching Press) collage set to a simple poem for preschool to K level

The Carrot Seed, Ruth Karuss, Crockett Johnson, 0064432106 (preschool-early elementary)

What Makes A Flower Grow, Susan Meyes (Usborne Starting Point Science series

(other titles: also What Makes It Rain; What Makes You Ill)

Incredible Plants by Barbara Taylor

For middle graders:

The Young Naturalist by Andrew Introductory overview at all branches of science. $6.95 Available from

Usborne Complete Book of the Microscope $14.95

Petersen’s Field Guides To Wildflowers, Forests

Petersen’s Coloring Books (choose from Mammals; Butterflies; Reptiles; Amphibians; Shells; Birds)

Japanese Plants Know Them & Use Them, Betty W. Richards,, Anne Kaneko, 4-07-975121-4 (Field Guide for adults, not really for children, has color photos)

Gardening For Kids:

Green Thumbs: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening (ages 5-12) IPG 1-55652-238-X

In My Garden – A Child’s Gardening Book, Helen, Kelly Oehsli

Molly’s Woodland Garden, Jean Hudlow (planning and all steps)

TOPS #38 (Radishes) and 39 (Corn andBeans) Green Thumbs Order these science experiment cum gardening packs from

Physical world: animals; plants (life science) / Biology for for middle graders: Middle Graders 5-8:

Janice Van Cleave, Biology For Every Kid $11.99

Mysteries and Marvels of Nature (Usborne) $26.95

Christian Liberty Nature Reader 5 by Michael J. McHugh

Usborne Illustrated Encyclopedia of The Natural World

How Nature Works:One Hundred Ways Parents and Kids Can Share The Secrets Of Nature, David A Burnie

Keeping a Nature Journal: Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing the World Around You by Clare Walker Leslie and Charles E. Roth

Consider the Lilies: Plants of the Bible by John & Katherine Paterson (grades 4+);

For High School and beyond:

Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution by Michael Behe; S&S  0-684-83493-6 

Zoology and the Animal Kingdom:

What Is The Animal Kingdom? (The Science of Living Things) A Bobbie Kalman Book from the Crabtree Publishing Co 0-86505-889-X Available from montessori and such catalog

James Herriot’s Treasury for Children by James Herriot

Birds, A First Discovery Book, Scholastic

Fox and the Fire, Misha Miles

Rabbits, Herbert S.Zim

Baby Whales Drink Milkby Barbara Juster Esbensen, Lambert Davis

From Tadpoles to Frogs by Wendy Pfeffer, Holly Keller

From Butterfly to Caterpillar by Deborah Helligman

Seashores, A Guide to Animals and Plants Along the Beaches

The Beach Before Breakfast, Maxine W. Kumin

Houses from The Sea Alice E. Goudey (about seashells)

A Visit to the Aquarium, Aliki

My Goldfish, Miss Frances, Golden Book

The Marine Biology Coloring Book, by Thomas Nielsen, Grades 7-12. Published by Harper Collins. Available from Farm Country General Store, Rt. 1, Box 63, Metamora, IL 61548 800/551-FARM.

Marine Biology coloring books from Dover Publications:

Whales and Dolphins, by John Green
Sharks of the World, by Lyn Hunter
Tropical Fish, by Stefan Bernath
Fishes of the North Atlantic, by Thomas C. Quirk, Jr.

Grades 3-8. This company publishes a broad range of high quality, detailed coloring books that are inexpensive and educational for ALL ages. Write to them and request a free catalog at Dover Publications, 31 East 2nd Street, Mineola, NY 11501.

Let’s Investigate Slippery, Splendid Sea Creatures, by Madelyn W. Carlisle, (Let’s Investigate Series), Grades 3-7. Published by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 250 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788,  800/645-3476 .

Whales Mighty Giants of the Sea (National Geographic Society) by Ned and Rosalie Seidler Gorgeous pop-ups
Don’t Blink Now! Capturing the Hidden World of Sea Creatures, by Ann Downer, (New England Aquarium Books), Grades 5-8. Published by Franklin Watts, 5450 Cumberland Ave., Chicago, IL 60656,  800/672-6672 .

How Did We Find Out About Life in the Deep Sea?, by Isaac Asimov, Grades 4-7. Published by Walker & Company, 720 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10019,  800/289-2553 .

The Strange Eating Habits of Ocean Creatures, by Jean Sibbald, Grades 4-8. Published by Silver Burdett, Simon & Schuster, Inc., Prentice Hall Bldg., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.

Deep Sea Vents: Living Worlds Without Sun, by John F. Waters, Grades 5 and up. Published by Dutton Childrens Books, Division of Penguin USA, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014,  212/366-2000 .

videos for sea life studies:

Really Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive, by National Geographic Kids Video, available from National Geographic.

Life in the Sea, by Questar Video. Available from Great Christian Books,  800/775-5422 

Look Out For Turtles, Melvin Burger, Mgan Lloyd (ill) 0064451569 $3.96

Lizard In The Son (A Just for a Day Book), Joanne Ryder, Michael Rothman, 068813081X

Snakes Are Hunters by Patricia Lauber

Snakes / Reptiles / Spiders, by Ramona Stewart Dupre, Kate Petty

The True Book of Spiders, by Illa Podendorf

A Snake’s Body, by Jonna Cole

The Frog by Margaret Lane

Grasshoppers by Robert E. Pfadt

The Icky Bug Alphabet Book, by Ralph Masiello, Jerry Pallotta (preschool to early elementary)

The Robin Book, Miss Frances, Golden Book

The Beginning Knowledge Book of Ants, by Anne Orth epple (preschool to early elementary)

Snails, by Sylvia A Johnson

Earthworms, by Simon Seymour

Ladybugs, by Sylvia A Johnson

Mammals, A Familiar American Species, by Herbret S. Zim and Donald Hoffmeister, Golden Nature Guide

Beavers, by Dorothy Wood

The First Book of Mammals, Margaret Williamson

Little Racoon, by Susan Noguerre (water color)

Bears, by Dorothy Wood

Animals Of The Bible, by Dorothy P Lathrop

My Visit To The Zoo, Aliki

Elephant Families by Arthur Dorros (Let’s-and-Find-Out Science)

Smokey the Bear, by Jane Werner, Golden Book

Wild Animals I Have Known, by Hope Ryden (for 9 yrs and above) photos by a National Geographic photographer

Sponges Are Skeletons, $4.21 0064451844

What Makes A Bird A Bird? By May Garelick

Robins Fly North, Robins Fly South, by John Kaufman

Make Way For The Ducklings,

How Do Birds Find Their Way by Roma Gans, Paul Mirocha

Bird Life in Wington, by John Calvin Reid

Birds Do The Strangest Things, by Hornblow

Zoomscope $15.00 a portable microscope with a built-in lighting system that magnifies from 20 X to 40Xs good for observing insects, leaves, etc. Great for camping and nature hikes. Purchase from

A Birdwatcher’s Guide To Japan,Mark Brazil, 11-0144734-9 \2200 This book gives a wonderful description of all the best birdwatching spots in Japan with detailed maps and trails and descriptions of birds to look out for. But it has one drawback, for identification purposes you still need the field guide below:

A Field Guide To The Birds of Japan, Txt by Wild Bird Society of Japan, Ill. Shinji Takano, 4-7700-1246-2,

For middle-graders onwards:

Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to the World’s Wildlife by Don E. Wilson And David Burnie. Covers 2,000 species in stunning pictures and produced in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution and more than 70 expert zoologists. Best science of the year

Wild Animals I Have Known by Ernest Thompson Seton


Earthways by Carol Petrash, Donald Cook (for ages 2-5 yrs) 20 project seasonal activities by a Waldorf teacher $16.95 (available from

Where Does the Garbage Go? By Paul Showers

The River, David Bellamy

Oil Spill! By Melvin Berger

Who Eats What? Food Chains and Food Webs by Patricia Lauber (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science)

Explore a Spooky Swamp, Wendy W. Cortesi, National Geographic Book

Life in Ponds & Streams, William H Amos (National Geog Book)

What Is A Biome? A Bobbie Kalman Book

A Tree Is A Home, Dr Alden Kelley, Kristen Kest (ill), 1574713159

Leaf & Tree Guide by Rona Beame Backyard Explorer (excellent for nature exploration by even the very young) Equipped with a notebook and leaf forms to be matched with collected samples

The Tree A First Discovery Book (Scholastic)

How To Hide A Polar Bear and Other Animals

The Arctic Land, .A Bobby Kalman book (World series 4 books) 0865051542 $7.61

Other titles in the series include: Arctic Animals / An Arctic community, William Kelsey

Animal Trackers series (OOP):

In Woods & Forests, Tessa Paul, 0865055955

See also In Fields & Meadows,

By The Seashore, Animal Trackers

By Lakes & Rivers

A Fish Hatches, by Joanna Cole, Jerome Wexler (B&W)

The Snail’s Spell, 0140508910, by Joanne Ryder, Lynne Cherry

What Color Is Camouflage? by Carolyn Otto, Megan Lloyd $3.96

How Animals Hide, by Robert M.McClung

Tricks Animals Play, by Jan Nagel Clarkson

In The Forest & Others, by Marie Hall Ets

Rainbow Rhino, by Peter Sis (literature reading)

Where Butterflies Grow, 014055856, by Joanne Ryder, Lynne Cherry

Over In The Meadow, by Ezra Jack Keats (ill) (A Blue Ribbon Book) Delightful lyrical way of introducing animals and their young

Burrow Book by Richard Orr (Illustrator), Shaila Awan Reading level: Ages 9-12 DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) ISBN: 0789420252 Synopsis: Children can dig down deep and see who lurks there in the hidden homes of burrowing creatures. Fold-out spreads reveal special die-cut holes and clear, engaging text reveal what the busy animals are doing inside. Look and see how spiders, frogs, moles, and snakes make their homes underground and how they come and go. Full color.

African Savanna — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator), Dianne Ettl (Illustrator) (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 0070579318 Focus on one patch of the dangerous and endangered habitat of the African grasslands.

Pond — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator) (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 0070579326

Tropical Rain Forest — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator) (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 0070580510

Woods — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator) McGraw-Hill ISBN: 0070579334

Backyard — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator), Dianne Ettl (Illustrator) (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 007057930X

Artic Tundra — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator) (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 007057927X

Cave — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator) (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 0070579296

Swamp — One Small Square by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne (Illustrator) (McGraw-Hill) ISBN: 0070579261

A series on a concept similar to One Small Square one but but for the slightly younger set (2-5 yrs):

Under the Ground.

Under the Sea

Caves by Claude Delafosse and Gallimard Jeunesse

Deserts by Gail Gibbons (visually info-packed book in Gibbon’s usual clear line and color style)

Desert Life (Usborne)

Deserts by Simon Seymour

High School Ecology /Biology (Grades 9-12):

Ecology: Eyewitness Science Dorling Kindersley, Steve Pollock

Life Cycle:

Animal Babies, Ylla

Who Eats What? Food Chains and Food Webs, Patricia Lauber, Holly Keller

A Fish Hatches, Joanna Cole, Jeroe Wexler (B&W)

Who’s Hatching Out Of That Egg? Patricia Lauber

Horton Hatches the Egg, Dr Seuss-Theodore Geisel

From Tadpole to Frog, Wendy Pfeffer, Holly Keller, 0694700460, $6.36

From Caterpillar to Butterfly, Deborah Heligmar

How Animals Live, Anne Civardi & Cathy Kilpatrick

Ant Cities, Arthur Dorros, ISBN 0064450791. $3.96

What Lives In A Shell, Kathleen Weidner, $3.96 ISBN 0064451240, Zoehfeld, Helen K. Davie

Life In Ponds and Streams, William H Amos (National Geographic Book)

The Honey Makers by Gail Gibbons (ages 5+)

The Milk Makers by Gail Gibbons (ages 5-8)


Where Does The Butterfly Go When It Rains, May Garelick ISBN 0572551658

Butterfly Life cycle Book, Penguin book

Other titles: Frog Life Cycle / Ladybug Cycle book / Spider Life Cycle book

Parables From Nature (50 birds take on intriguing character)

The Christian Liberty Nature Readers, Christian Liberty Press

Bug Hunter (Jim Arnosky’s Nature Notebooks)by Jim Arnosky Ages 9-12 ( Random House) ISBN: 0679867198 Colorfully illustrated book in the Nature Notebook series Teaches young explorers and naturalists how to find bugs and what they should observe and view.

Grades 5-8:

Creepy Crawlies and The Scientific Method, Stenhouse Kneidel

Pet care:

How To Raise Goldfish and Guppies, A Child’s Book of Pet Care, Sara Bonnett Stein

Nature and Man :

For elementary graders:

Farming by Gail Gibbons

Where Does Paper Come From? C Valance Cast, Sue Williamson $4.21 ISBN0812014685

Different Things We Get From Plants, Concept Science , Colin Walker, Philip Webb

Where Everyday Things Come From, Aldren A Watson

We Can Eat The Plants (Learn To Read series levels I & II) suitable for preschoolers

Other titles: See How It Grows

Who Lives Here?

The Seed Song

Who’s Hiding

Whose Forest Is It?

From Grass To Butter by Ali Mitgutsch

From Milk to Ice Cream, by Ali Mitgutsch

Milk From Cow to Carton by Aliki

From Sheep To Scarf, Ali Mitgutsch

Food From Plants, Modern Curriculum Press,Colin Walker, Mirard Whitford 0813673275


Dinosaurs, Byron Barton (preschool)

The Day Of The Dinosaur (preschool)

I Wonder Why The Triceratops Had Horns, Kingfisher I Wonder Why series

Fossils Tell Of Long Ago, Aliki (Let’s Read and Find Out Science)

Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki (Let’s Read and Find Out Science)

Dinosaurs Are Different by Aliki

Dinosaur Bones. (Let’s Read and Find Out Science) ISBN: 0064450775

Archaeologists Dig For Clues by Kate Petty (Let’s Read and Find Out Science)

Wild and Woolly Mammoths by Aliki

My Visit To The Dinosaurs, Aliki 0064450201

The Usborne Young Scientist Archaeology by Barbara Cork and Joe McEwan

If You Lived in the Days of the Wild Mammoth Hunters by Mary Elting and Franklin Folsom (Scholastic)

Walking With Prehistoric Beasts. BBC production (video) Available from

For middle graders-high schoolers:

Archaeology Smart Junior: Discovering History’s Buried Treasures by Karen Laubenstein, Ron Roy

Usborne Guide to Rocks and Fossils $5.95

Dry Bones and Other Fossils by Parker $12.95

Dinotopia A gloriously illustrated and creative story in an imaginary lost world where humans and dinosaurs co-reign in harmony. Beats The Lost World or Jurassic Park anyday

Beyond the Dinosaurs! Sky Dragons, Sea Monsters, Mega-Mammals, and Other Prehistoric Beasts by Howard Zimmerman

Mammoths, Mastodons, and Elephants: Biology, behavior and the Fossil Record by Gary Haynes

The Call of Distant Mammoths: Why the Ice Age Mammals Disappeared by Peter Douglas Ward

Woolly Mammoth, Life Death and Recovery by Windsor Charlton Only for the most dedicated of paleotologists to be.

After the Ice Age: The Return of Life to Glaciated North America by E.C. Pielou $10.95


Science Reading For The Very Young:

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs by J. Barrett for 3-7 yrs, story about strange weather with meatball falling out of the sky

I Love Animals, Flora McDonnell

The Very Busy Spider, Eric Carle

I Went Walking, Sue Williams, Julie Vivas (ill.)

1,2,,3 To The Zoo, Eric Carle

My Five Senses by Aliki (4-8 yrs)

On The Move by Deborah Helligman

In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming (Scholastic) Caldecott Honor book with colorful collage pictures

I Can Feel By Touching by Carolyn Otto (4-8yrs)

Make Way For The Ducklings, R. McCloskey

What’s On The Beach? Child’s Play Lift The Flap Book  0-85953-221-6 

Little Cloud, Eric Carle

What’s In My Pocket? Rozanne Lanczak Williams, Lucyna A.M. Green (ill.), CTP (Toddlers will love this one about shape, size, texture, solids)

The Circle of Days by Reeve Lindhbergh Beautifully illustration of St Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun, and of the natural world

The Year At Maple Hill by Alice and Martin Provenson (shows farm life season by season) $6.99

Under the Ground. by Claude Delafosse and Gallimard Jeunesse. See also Under the Sea and Caves

Mammalabilia by Douglas Florian 21 fun poems about common as well as not so common mammals (from 2anda half years) $16.00 More poems in the series: Beast Feast and On the Wing $13.00 each

A Fawn In the Grass by Joane Ryder the author who holds the American Nature Study Award of Children’s Science Literature. Lyrical style of combining poetry and science in a swelter of pleasing images $16.95

Oddhopper Opera. A Bug’s Garden of Verses by Kurt Cyrus (3-9 yrs) the greatest bug poetry collection you could get for your preschooler

Winter Lullaby by Barbara Seuling, Greg Newbold A book that illustrates magnificently the beauty of the darker bleaker side of winter, the gnarled treescape, the scenes of winter at their coldest and whitest. For 2-4 yr olds

The Turning of the Year by Bill Martin A beautiful photo-tour of the months and the seasons perfectly capturing the mood and feel of every season. (3-5 yrs)

When Winter Comes by Nancy Yan Laan A Chinaberry catalog recommendation

The Tiny Seed, Eric Carle (preschool)

Seed Song (Learn to read Read to Learn series from Creative Teaching Press) collage set to a simple poem for preschool to K level

The Carrot Seed, Ruth Karuss, Crockett Johnson, 0064432106 (preschool-early elementary)

Over In the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats

The Day of the Dinosaur by Stan and Jan Berenstain Rollicking rhyme will have your toddler learning dinosaur names in no time (Some were small Fabrosaurus / Some were thin Mesosaurus / Others were fat Er-yops)

Basic scientific info booklets from Creative Teaching Press (no stunning pictures but convey scientific concepts in easy to understand text), also suitable for beginner readers:

What Happened? By Rozanne Lanczak On evaporation

A Tree Is A Home

Is It Alive?

From the Concept Science series (not great artwork, but does the job of delivering bite-size info for little kids admirably)

Water by Colin Walker

Food From Plants by Colin Walker

Different Things We Get From Plants

Rocks Are Everywhere (Easy Theme Readers from Teacher Created Materials,Inc) Simple text gets very young kids to observe and think about the rocks around them

Wind by Susan Canizares (Scholastic) Sparse text to photo images

Storms by Susan Canizares (Scholastic) Sparse text to photo images

Bugs by Nancy Winslow Parker & Joan Richards Wright (ages 3+)

Bite-Sized Science: Quick and Fun Activities for Preschoolers by John H. Falk and Kristi S. Rosenberg (ages 3-8) IPG 1-55652-348-3 An exciting way for young minds to discover the wonders of the natural world by making predictions, testing them, and then evaluating the results–learning the scientific method.

Science References and General Reading:

The Usborne Complete First Book Of Science

The All About… series of children’s science books. One series that’s hard to find but well worth looking for. Hand-drawn two color illustrations, not really fancy children’s books, but well-written with a wide coverage of science topics. This quote from the Foreword of All About Famous Scientific Expeditions by Raymond Holden (1955, Random House, NY) gets across the sense of life and efficacy of man presented in the All About… books:

“Man is unusual among living creatures in that he can plan and devise ways to get what he wants. He likes to go places, so he learns how to make ships, trains, automobiles, and airplanes. During his travels he learns more and more about the world and what is in it…he wants to know more than just what; he wants to know why and how. book will try to tell you the story of some of man’s trips through the gateways to knowledge; trips which have taken him into deserts and jungles, to the tops of mountains, and to the depths of the sea.” Other All About titles cover: dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, prehistoric cavemen, insects, whales, birds, moths and butterflies, snakes, flowers, the sea, volcanoes and earthquakes, weather, the stars, the atom, chemistry, archeology, geology, the human body, rockets and jets, radio and television, famous inventors and their inventions;and more. These books provide a solid base for elementary .homeschoolers, and are easy to add to with other resources,experiments,collections,and observations.inventions;and more. These books provide a solid base for elementary homeschoolers, and are easy to add to with other resources, experiments, collections, and observations.

Incredible Cross-Sections by Richard Platt, illus. Stephen Biesty (ages 8-12); RAH  0-679-81411-6 

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest by Steve Jenkins; (ages 4-8); see also Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest by Steve Jenkins

Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art by Thomas Locker

Science Arts: Discovering Science Through Art Experience by Maryann F. Kohl and Jean Potter (ages 3-10) IPG  0-935607-04-8  These art projects illustrate the basic principles of science, each focusing on one scientific concept.

DISCOVER magazine is a favourite among homeschooling science enthusiasts.

For older kids:

Any of the Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness books on any topic are great.

E-Encylopedia Science by Dorling Kindersley

(Dorling Kindersley) How Science Works  – is a fabulous books. Each topic contained in a double spread with clear magnificent photos, practical modern-day applications, state of the art science & technology. The book says it is a complete science curriculum in itself. It answers questions like what causes the aurora borealis and much much more. A favorite among with my son. 

BBC The Blue Planet is for the advanced reader.

Dorling Kindersley Animal Kingdom is a fabulous comprehensive reader for the animal-loving kid (advanced level).

Kitchen Science Books (all available from

  • Science in the Kitchen (Usborne Science Activities) by Rebecca Heddle, K. Woodward (ages 4-8) $12.95
  • Gifted & Talented: Kitchen Science Experiments: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Science by Barbara Saffer, Leo Abbett, $5.95 (ages 4-8);
  • – Kid Science: Kitchen Science Experiments (Kid Science) by Q.L. Pearce, Sophie Sheppard (Illustrator) (ages 9-12) $8.05;
  • Kitchen Science for Kids (Four-H Series) by Patricia F. Thonney, Tracy J. Farrell $4.75 (ages 9-12)

    Lab Science:

  • The Teaching Tank(r) and The Teaching Tank Discovery Books(c) A hands on visual approach to science learning using a revolutionary see-through, multi-purpose, easy to assemble and clean tank device. 150 lessons (in Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics) with real world applications. Thinking questions for students, diagrams, and teaching notes. Teachers, parents and students can easily understand, perform and observe science experiments in a visually exciting way using readily available materials. See the Curriculum Guide Access Page to view the complete list of lessons appropriate to each discipline and for some helpful hints on developing a science curriculum. From Captivation, Inc. 101 Connecticut Ave. Nashua, NH 03060Phone:  (603) 889-1156  | Fax: (603) 880-5334 | E-mail: or order online at The Teaching Tank 
  • The Rainbow by Beginnings Publishing House, Inc. New impressive junior high school (7-12) science curriculum authored by Dr. Durell C. Dobbins, a Ph.D.-level microbiologist with B.S. degrees in both professional biology and in chemistry, and father of five home-schooled children for whom he wrote the curriculum. Key strengths of this are its logical sequence and presentation of the scientific disciplines, user-friendly and comprehensive laboratory support system, engaging and humorous text; Packed with full-color and engaging illustrations and professional photography. A thorough and home-friendly once-a-week laboratory program helps in reaching various types of learners (esp. tactile and kinesthetic learners), improving retention by all students. Intrinsically safe for the home environment supplies are provided in the right quality and quantity necessary for consistent success in performing the experiments at home. Also worth looking at are the elementary school science course called Colors  and the Spectrum High School materials. Year 1: text $75; Lab workbook $18; Durable equipment $45; Renewable supplies $22 Year 2: $80; Lab workbook $18; Renewable supplies $22. Dr Dobbins says he will ship to Japan when customers pay the actual shipping charges, duties and taxes (if any apply) and specify the method of shipment they prefer. VISA is accepted. (Note: Dr Dobbins is a Christian but non-Christians will not find this program intrusive to their secular viewpoints) Info and purchase from Beginnings Publishing 
  • DK The Way Science Works beautifully visual and well-explained two-spread write-ups on an area of science with experiments and practical applications. A full science curriculum within one volume. Answers questions like “What causes the Aurora borealis?” A must-get book.
  • DK e-Science Encyclopedia is another engaging encyclopedia that is linked to the internet for further reading and research.
  • Apologia Science Curriculum by Dr Jay Wile. (grades 7- AP first-year college level) written by another homeschooling father and a former university science professor (predates Rainbow). Clear and straightforward explanatory text, with many hands-on experiments all using household chemicals and supplies (not supplied). The experiments come guided with illustrations, tables, questions to be answered, and exercises and problems to be solved. Conversational yet thorough explanations, interrelated real-world examples and applications, well-explained experiments along with an unabashedly creationist viewpoint. Each subject is presented in 2-volume sets including hardbound student text contains all student material, on-your-own questions and solutions, laboratory exercises, and chapter study guides and softbound, is the solutions and tests manual, which contains answers to chapter study guides, tests, and test solutions. B&W. Color photos and illustrations. Courses include: General Science course (7th grade level ) Price $75.00; Exploring Creation With Chemistry (Grade 8) first-year high school chemistry course Price: $75/set; All of the chemicals used in this course consist of household materials, but a laboratory equipment set is available for $55.00. CD Rom and INTERNET course at Apologia Educational Science; Exploring Creation Through Physical Science (recommended as last course before high school biology Price $85.00; Exploring Creation With Biology (Grades 9-10) Price $85.00. Internet course with online textbook option: $300; or Internet course with CD textbook option: $320.00 or Internet course with printed textbook option: $340 Required lab materials (dissection kit): $40.00 Optional lab materials (microscope kit): $285; Advanced Chemistry In Creation is an advanced placement or AP course giving the student the equivalent of the first year of college chemistry. Texts $75.00. Lab set $55.00 Internet course with online textbook option: $300; or Internet course with printed textbook option: $330. (The internet courses taught by Dr Wile himself will be offered through the Potter’s School – I could no longer access the website) All materials available from Apologia Educational Ministries, 808 Country Club Lane, Anderson, IN 46011, Tel:  888-524-4724  / Fax 765-649-4076 or online at: Apologia Educational Ministries website; alternatively purchase from
  • The Search science curriculum by David Quine is another new hands-on high school science program aimed at having children enjoy learning about science by developing and testing their predictions to the problems that are given. Children are drawn into understanding major ideas and concepts of science they have first experienced. Said to prepare children for advanced college science. The program has a strong Christian worldview objective and seeks to have children discover the principles governing God’s creation. Four books at $25.00 each: Properties, Interaction and Systems, Cause and Effect and Scientific Theories. Books 1 and 2 are parent-directed conversations while 3 and 4 are student-directed texts. Write to Cornerstone Curriculum, 2006 Flat Creek, Richardson, Texas 75080 Tel:  (972) 235-5149  or order online from the  Cornerstone Curriculum website. 
  • Castle Heights Press student-guided lab manuals and the kits to match for the kitchen scientist by Mark and Kathleen Julicher. Fundamentals of physics, biology, and chemistry laboratories are taught using a hands-on approach with real world application. Because of the simplicity of the explanations, the lab manuals may be used for junior high schoolers as introductions into the separate fields. The student should be able to work independently. Available from Castle Heights Press
  • Lab Science: The How Why What Who & Where Book by Barbara Shelton is a must-have resource for homeschoolers wanting to do Lab science. It pulls together excerpts from over 30 “experts” like Ellen Dana, Ellyn Davis, Cathy Duffy, Janice VanCleave, Kathleen Julicher, Ruth Beechick and many others. Necessary info on Lab Notebook and Record-keeping, as well as Lab Resources such as Frameworks for Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, etc. $10.95Astronomy:
  • Stars and Stories is a Unit Study in the Series “A Bigger World” An outstanding CD-ROM unit study for teenagers with enough integrated material for science, history, and literature for a year. Hands-on projects and interactive lecture-demonstrations make it easy to understand tricky concepts like the “Planets and Sun” section showing planetary motion through constellations. Student textbook, lesson plans, assignment checklist, literature selections (Greek myths, readings from Plato), plus a resource list from Wildridge Software. Projects and readings reference web sites like NASA to help students create a truly up-to-date text, complete with astronomical photos, etc. From  Reviewed here.
  •  Insects and Entomology :

  • Young Entolomologists’ Society. Y.E.S. offers a catalog of books, field guides, science kits, videos, multimedia, posters and more for kids who are mad about insects. They also publish a bimonthly magazine called Insect World. Email;

    Z oology

  • Eyewitness Zoology book and video series has various titles. See
  • Zoobooks series offers 59 booklets feature an animal species or group Color photos or illustrations, hands-on activities and puzzles included. Write to Wildlife Education Ltd 9820 Willow Creek Rd., Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92131 or Fax 619-678-9658.
  • The Zoology Coloring Book by Lawrence M. Elson, Cinthea Vadala (Illustrator), Jacquelyn Giuffre (Illustrator), $14.40
  • Lyrical Life Science Volume 2: Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes, audiotape plus 112 page illustrated text ($20) including lyrics and sheet music; and optional student workbook ($25). An effective program offering auditory and kinethestic learning for retention of science facts.
  • Video resources: various titles from National Geographic Video and David Attenborough’s BBC The Trials of Life Series ($249) from Movies Unlimited
  • Physics – Mechanics. This tabletop science series from Edventures! addresses the forces of the physical world that surround us. Topics include pendulums, simple machines, rotational inertia, conservation of momentum, force, gravity, and more.
  • Physics CD Roms from include Pinball Science, How Things Work and the Mad About Science Series. Also from is their physics related course, Architecture and Physics  Available from Wildridge 
  • All the following books are entertaining and challenging with real applications: The New Way Things Work DK by David MaCaulay (-) (cartoony mammoth mascot guide and other illustrations about everything) (kit is also available); Physics in the Hardware Store, Robert Friedhoffer, Franklin Watts (9-12) (students will study principles of pressure, centripetal force, density, heat, friction etc through everyday objects such as sandpaper, wheelbarrows, crowbars, eggbeaters, toilet plungers; How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life by Louis A. Bloomfield (15-); Physics of Everyday Phenomenon, Jearl Walker (15-) (talks about the physics behind phenomena like snow crystals, raindrops, thunder); Physics in the Real World Keith Lockett (high school-) (addresses the physics behind plastic bullets, space shuttles, helicopters, ocean waves and the like)
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