Sunbridge English School (Nagoya, Aichi)

Riverside Hill 1F 37 Tomigaoka, Meito-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Japan 465-0031 (a few minutes from Fujigaoka stn)
Phone/ Fax: 052-777-2448

Sunbridge is an English school that operates a dayschool for preschoolers aged 2-4 years, afterschool (for ages 3-12 yr olds) as well as adult English conversation classes for all ages and backgrounds.
Its DaySchool (2-4 yr olds) combines quality, native English teaching of a PreSchool with the convenience and flexibility of a day centre! Sunbridge offers a set, weekly preschool learning curriculum with fun, interesting activities and crafts which ensure that its students continuously improve their NATURAL English skills, while having a lot of fun too!
The school name suggests its school environment: “Sun”: warm, bright, full of energy “Bridge”: connection to the news worlds.

It holds a “Fun First, English Naturally” philosophy: Sunbridge wants all their students to enjoy English, not fear it and always focuses on the FUN, NOT the STUDYING.
SunBridge’s aim is to encourage and motivate English learning through having loads of fun. No boring text books or repetitive phonics cards. Just interesting and varied activities that require everyday English to be used naturally and almost spontaneously.
With its simple, yet innovative “BridgeBuilder” study page as a guide to our weekly curriculum, students (aged anywhere between 3 and 12) are ensured a solid grounding in useful English, with an emphasis on EVERYDAY English, so there are many fun activities designed to use many key sentences learned. The “BridgeBuilder” study page, (which would only be used for 10-15 minutes of the 2 hour class), would focus on the phonics of that week (perhaps “S” vs “SH” for the sushi activity), and the phrase of that week, (perhaps “Can you pass the…please?”). That way, for the majority of the class, especially during the main activity, students have ample opportunity to practise using those phonics and phrases in a fun and natural way…no boring cards or drills here. (Source: The school website)

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