News about Southern Illinois University Carbondale(SIUC)’s pullout from Japan and related links

2005 news about SIUC’s closure at the end of 2005-2006 year “SIUC’s campus in Nakajo, Japan will close in May 2006”
SIUC was an American branch campus in Japan which consists of Intensive English Program (IEP) and Core Curriculum (CC). Students study basic English in the IEP before moving on to study university courses in CC and moving to America to complete their degree. See Southern Illinois University Carbondale Graduate School’s main office website which office administers Southern Illinois University Carbondale in Niigata branch campus, Study Abroad, and International Students and Scholars and international undergraduate admissions 
The Nakajo branch campus, in the Niigata prefecture on Japan’s western coast was one of 36 opened by American universities in the late 1980s. Only SIUC and Temple Universities remained back then. The program was terminated because of low enrollment figures. Enrollments dropped from a peak of 630 students in 1990 to the 2005 level of 50. Over a 17 year period approximately 2,200 Japanese students studied at the Nakajo campus, with more than 900 transferring to the Carbondale campus to complete their undergraduate programs. (source: WENR SIUC news release
More news (March 18, 2005) about SIUC an American university’s pullout of Japan. (Related article about the SIUC Niigata campus library
“SIUC is not the only campus in turmoil” By Edward Rummel with Christopher Hoskins, Matt Warwick, John Hessian
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, in Niigata, Nakajo, Niigata, Japan
A thread from a forum on why American universities fail in Japan;wap2

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