Website: Playpourri International

5-29-3 Haruokadori, Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya 464-0847 [Playpourri is now at it’s third location.]

Phone: 052-761-3188

Established since 2004, Playpourri offers children (1.5- 5 years) a safe and secure environment (with open spaces, ample natural lighting, a location between two parks), where they can grow, play, learn, relax and socialize while learning a new language.

Every month, Playpourri teachers plan new and wonderful opportunities for the children to learn and absorb English all through a variety of play, including word play, discovery play, dramatic play, small motor play and large motor play. In 2012, Kindermusik was incorporated into the School’s Programs.

Playpourri’s course highlights are its:

· Quality Education

· Safe Environment

· Small Classes

· Small Teacher : Student Ratio

· All English Program

· Flexible Course Choice

· Language Support

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