Badminton club in Tokyo

Badminton club seeks international players. We can coach elementary players. We are a Japanese badminton club, but now welcomes international badminton friends in Tokyo area! Please email me, Mune, the leader of this club, to ask the club or just about general badminton activities, shop info and exercise environment in Tokyo. Skill level is not important. Some of us are experienced players, but we have been coaching beginners for many years. Of course you can write me in English.

We usually play badminton on Thursdays in Nakano-ku, where most Japanese members are really fanatic to badminton and take them seriously. However, for introductory step to the Japanese badminton world, I have another option for English speaking people to have fun play in Minato-ku.
We call the play in Minato-ku “International Badminton Night” (sometimes it’s in the morning or afternoon, though)

We have more than 25 people on this list, mostly business professionals, from all over the world. Some are very good but more elementary level players we are, and enjoy badminton plus exchanging information anything about living in Japan. I would like to invite you to this small group first to open the door to the real scenes of Japanese badminton. Please contact me to join this and touch and feel real Japan, which is never like tourism. (Also try Yakitori and Japanese beer with us!?)



10 thoughts on “Badminton club in Tokyo”

  1. Dear Mune,

    My name is Roslinda. Me and my family wll be travelling to Japan from 2-6 Nov’10. My 12yrs old son has been trained by local coach for about 3years and he is very keen to play and learn from international players of his age group. We are wondering if we can visit your club and possible for my son to have a friendly game with your members. He is not an intermediate level but just want to have more exposure.

    Thanks & regards,

  2. I want to training for 1 year improve myself how join your club ? What stuff and visa need I provide

  3. Hi I’m just new here in Japan and have stayed here now for almost two months. I stumbled upon this site while I was searching for a place where I can play badminton here in Tokyo. I miss the game a lot having been a varsity player in my university back home. I’d like to ask of the schedule of the games that you guys play and I would really want to come by and play again. At the same time I could meet great people since I don’t have that much friends here in Japan.
    Looking forward to your response. Happy holidays!


  4. Hi,

    Good day to you.

    My 3 boys (age 10, 12 and 13) and I will be in Tokyo (staying at Shinjuku area) between 13-18Dec, prior heading to LA.

    We would like to play badminton for at least 2 sessions during this short visit to Tokyo. We are all intermediate players. My older boys are school competitive players.

    Would you be able to arrange something for us? We are fine to play with others or among ourselves.

    I’m fine to put my boys in your training if you have ongoing trainings/lessons too 🙂

    Kindly let me know your charges.

    Thank you so much 🙂

    Chian Ling

  5. I am from India how can I join badminton club in japan any contact number of bamdinton club in japan ??

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