Groovy International Preschool (Fujidera-City, Osaka) and American International Elementary School or A.I.E.S.(Nagoya)


1-2F, Matsui Building 3-5-4 Fujigaoka, Fujiidera-shi, Osaka 583-0017
Phone: 072-939-2011 Access & contact

An American School, founded in 1997, is a small, private, English immersion preschool offering a mostly American-based curriculum for preschoolers in the mornings, and ESL classes for kindergarten and elementary age students who attend regular Japanese schools. Students generally complete the preschool program with reading, writing and math ability equal to that of a 1st grader or above. All instruction is in English.

Total school enrollment is near 150, with up to 35 in the preschool program. Children from a handful of countries attend, with most coming from Japan. The sister school is A.I.E.S. Originally started in 1997 as a school to give local children a taste of western culture, the American School grew from a single classroom in a rented office space, to a multi classroom facility built to the school’s needs. In 2002, a 5 classroom facility was completed and filled to capacity in only two years. In the spring of 2006, an additional building with over 4 times as much space was completed and began operation.

This marked the beginning of our sister-school, A.I.E.S., (American International Elementary School), with classes for high level students. Facilities: American School and its sister school, A.I.E.S. are well equipped schools. Both facilities are set up to make good use of multimedia with highspeed internet access. Many of our classrooms are also equipped with a projector and sound systems to present materials easily.
There is an exercise area at A.I.E.S. that provides for a variety of activities including basketball, dodgeball and other sports.

 American International Elementary School / A.I.E.S.

Website: 4-16-11, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya city 453-0801
Phone: 052-433-5644 Fax :052-433-6776

The American International Elementary School (A.I.E.S.) program offers:

  • English immersion
  • Early education by right-brain development
  • Semester system
  • Violin instruction through Suzuki Method
  • Swimming instruction at inddor pool
  • Instruction in a 3rd language
  • Computer instruction including blind-touch typing skills
  • Morals and love taugh through Bible reading

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