Free schools listing (1)

For our large listing of Free Schools & Free Spaces, see the page: Free schools listing (no. 2)

To learn about the history of Free Schools in Japan, visit this page.

See also the following listing of free schools by Heather Nelson

Fonte (Futoukou Shimbun)

Free School Foro (Osaka)

Free School Net

Free School Network

Free School Tokyo Shure

Free Space Tamariba (Kawasaki)

Japan Free School Association

Jiyu Gakuen, (Tokyo)

Learnnet Global School (Kobe)

Libera Human Support (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Sapporo Jiyugaoka Gakuen

Sudbury Valley School (Massachussets, US)

Summerhill School (Suffolk, UK)

Takasaki Gakuen (Tokyo)

2 thoughts on “Free schools listing (1)”

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