Chubu International Preschool (Aichi prefecture)

2 chome 1-3 Aichi-gun Togo-cho Hyogo, Aichi 470-0166
Phone/fax: 0561-37-0388 Email:

Chubu International Preschool was founded in September 2004 in Togo-cho, Aichi. The preschool program operates classes from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The school offers a warm nurturing place with a program that emphasizes English although Japanese and Chinese are featured in the curriculum as well.  A 50% discount applies to preschool tuition fee if your child’s first language is English (good for up to 3 children in a class).

4 thoughts on “Chubu International Preschool (Aichi prefecture)”

      1. I would have to disagree with anony. I invested a lot of time at C.I.P., and I found it to be a wonderful and friendly environment for children! The staff is full of amazingly talented and caring people, constantly looking for fun ways to help the kids learn. There’s always something fun going on at C.I.P.!!!

  1. Chubu International Preschool is one of the (most) worst school(s) (that) you (can) could (possibly) work for. Avoid at all cost(s). Anon(y).
    Personally, I thought completely the opposite, but then I can read and write English, loved teaching children, and got on well with the rest of the equally dedicated and caring staff. That is not my opinion. That is my judgement.


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