Passport School (in conjunction with American English Preschool of Fukuoka)

Passport School is joining hands with `American English Preschool` of Fukuoka. Thus, from April 2005, in addition to our classrooms in Tenjin and Nishijin, Fukuoka we will now be able to offer access to students wanting to study group lessons also in Karatsu, Yahata and Tobata, Kitakyushu and Ohashi in Fukuoka city. Passport School will continue to offer private lessons and home lessons for kids or adults lesson requests throughout Fukuoka prefecture. Please note from April 2005 until March 2006, the school will be managed by Michael Connely and Suwa Mika of American English Preschool. As a result the school address has changed to Ohashi, Minami ku. Any enquiries to Mika on 090-1344-7537 or 0120-821-635.

About Passport School (from their website):

Based out of Fukuoka, Passport School was started by Riktam de Voil after extensive experience teaching Japanese children and adults both in Japan and the U.K. Passport school principles are to be personal, friendly and relaxed but we offer professional, quality education and ‘aftercare’ via our network of native teachers and flexible lesson system. Japanese English teaching assistants are also available. You can study English lessons at Daimyo classroom or Nishijin classroom. However, most of our kids` lessons take place at homes.

The school aim is to be flexible, catering to requests for private lessons via home lessons as well as offering circle lessons and group lessons in several locations plus contract lessons at kindergartens. Many of our students are also returnee children which calls for an excellent recruitment system to find the very best private teachers and trained, personal tutors with elementary or pre school school teaching experience. With returnee children, studying home lessons we offer creative projects to motivate them to develop their growing language and literacy skills.

The Daimyo classroom is near Akasaka subway and the Nishijin classroom is near Nishijin station – see locations page! For elementary English lessons or pre school mums and infants course. Flexible lesson system- study where and when you like! Home lessons OK!. Children can study daily English skills from the comfort of their home! We may also possibly be able to offer you private or small group lessons at our sister business classrooms belonging to American English Preschool`. These are located in Ohashi, Yahata and Tobata, Kitakyushu plus Karatsu. Please call the counselor for details or mail her at

Notice from the Passport School website:

Notice from April 2006

Please note Passport school is now affiliated to and operated by American English School. All student inquiries or job inquiries, please contact them on 0120-821-635 or via email to: dream_michael@)

Please note all our email addresses seen on the website plus our as phone nos. 092-821-6195 and 090-1344-7537 have been deleted and are no longer are in use! All calls, please call 0120-821-635.

Passport School and lesson requests will now be managed by American English preschool since Riktam de Voil, the founder has now left Japan. However, the school name, trademark and materials are available for sale to a teacher entrepreneur.  Any such business inquiries, please send mail to Riktam de Voil at

Send an enquiry to Mika here by emailing us and we will mail or call you back

1 thought on “Passport School (in conjunction with American English Preschool of Fukuoka)”

  1. Recently posting an ad on gaijinpot — 120,000-200,000 yen for teachers AFTER a part-time “training” period. Also, “no drama and no political correctness”. Sounds like a place I’d send my kids…avoid!

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