Poppins Nursery opening in Minato ward, Tokyo in the news

Saturday, July 17, 2010

News photo
Be prepared: Experts teach children lifesaving skills at Poppins Active Learning School in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on Friday. MINORU MATSUTANI PHOTO


Poppins Corp., which runs nurseries, will open a school for children from the ages of 3 months to 5 years in Tokyo Midtown in Minato Ward on Tuesday, the company said Friday.

“Newborns should be educated in line with their brain development,” company President Noriko Nakamura said at a media event for the school.

Subjects Poppins Active Learning School will teach include math, Japanese, English and art.

Nana Hatano, chief researcher of Poppins International Institute for Child Sciences, said newborns’ brains are better stimulated in a multilingual, rather than monolingual, environment, adding that early exposure to music helps infants develop a musical sense.

Four staffers, including a teacher and minders, will look after no more than 10 infants.

“Observing the education of small children overseas, I was struck by how different the education is from Japan. They take a scientific approach to child education,” Nakamura said. “For example, how many nursery teachers in Japan have master’s degrees in education or psychology? Universities should make use of their research in the real world.”

1 thought on “Poppins Nursery opening in Minato ward, Tokyo in the news”

  1. Hey it’s superb you are doing really a fantastic jobs and this is the fact that childrens are becoming so active by interaction this is my own experience…. If given a chance I to like to join you and your students as a teacher and friend ok bye well done and GOOD LUCK FROM ME………

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