Azabu International School (update & announcement) in Minato-ku, Tokyo



Hiroo International Kindergarten will be undergoing a name change from April. We will be changing the name to Azabu International School. Our new name will reflect our commitment to preschool children as well as to the Azabu area. Our website will change to Our e-mail will change to

Please replace the listing for Hiroo International Kindergarten with the new listing for Azabu International School, with the above e-mail and website. If you have any questions regarding the new school listing, please do not hesitate to contact us. – Keith Jacobsen, Assistant Director. Azabu International School



3-10-12 #302 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3451-8477 Fax: 03-3451-8476 Email:

Children from 15 months to 5 years. Children are placed into three classes (8-10 in each class) according to their age and level. Flexible program allows parents to decide how many days a week they would like their child to attend.

1:2 teacher to child ratio.  The classes conducted in English but there are multicultural teachers who can help children’s smooth transition using different languages. Teachers try to use effective “I messages” to encourage positive communication (e.g. 1: instead of using, “You are too noisy,” we use, “I would like you to use your indoor voice,” e.g. 2: instead of using “Don’t run”, we use “No running, please walk.”).
1/4 of school hours are child-centered activity time and 3/4 of school hours are teacher-directed activity time
The curriculum focus on 4 different developmental categories: Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Social & Emotional skills). Japanese circle time is offered twice a week. More about the program here:

Daily outdoor play and educational field trips . Afternoon classes that develop skills in various areas are available.

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