A Reading Primer on Education in Japan (online resources & booklist)

Amano Ikuo. “Higher Education Reform in Japan

Amano I., Poole, Gregory. “The Japanese University in Crisis

Brinton, Mary C. 1998. “From high school to work in Japan: Lessons for the United States?”  Social Service Review 72(4): 442-

Crazy About Gakureki | TIME” Aug 18, 1975

Dewey, John, 1859-1952: China, Japan and the U. S. A. : present-day conditions in the Far East and their bearing on the Washington Conference / by John Dewey. (New York : Republic Publishing Co., Inc., 1921) (page images at HathiTrust) /

Docktor Stacy. “Comparing/Contrasting Japanese and American Education (docx)” A lesson plan

Dewey, John, 1859-1952: China, Japan and the U.S.A.: Present-Day Conditions in the Far East and Their Bearing on the Washington Conference (Gutenberg ebook)

Ellington, Lucien. “Beyond the Rhetoric: Essential Questions about Japanese Education.”Footnotes, December 2003. Foreign Policy Research Institute’s website: http://www.fpri.org

FPRI ” Japan’s Schools: Five Lessons

“Gakureki shakai kasetsu no kento” (Examining the educational credentialism hypothesis). Bunshiro Ando. In Kenichi Tominaga, ed., Nihon no Kaiso Kozo ( 1994) University of Tokyo Press, pp. 275–292. A Review of Higher Education Reform

Gakureki shakai: The problems of pyramid-shaped University Ranking System | Education in Japan blog

Guts, glory and shaved ice: Koshien baseball | Japan Times, August 3, 2013

Higher Education and the Japanese Disease | Nippon.com

Higher Education in Japan | MEXT (see see bulletpoint 3 (2) on accreditation)

Higher Education Finance and Cost-sharing in Japan

Hiroshima University. “Higher Education for the1980s – Challenges and Responses

Horta, Ishida, Yonezawa “The Long-Term Internationalization of Higher Education in Japan: A Survey of Non-Japanese

Ishida et al., “Educational Credentials and Promotion Prospects in a Japanese and an American organization”

Japan’s ambitious proposals for higher education and language sectors” A good summary overview of recent reforms or happenings  in HE by the ICEF monitor

Kitamura, Kazuyuki  (1991), “Japan” in Altbach P. (ed.), International Higher Education: A
Encyclopedia Garland Pub. pp.489-498

Kobayasi, Tetsuya  (1992) , “Japan” in Clark B. & Neave G.R. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Higher
Education Vol.1 Pergamon Press pp.377-387

Kobayashi, Victor N. (2 APR 2007) “JAPAN’S HOASHI RIICHIRO AND JOHN DEWEY” DOI: 10.1111/j.1741-5446.1964.tb00155.x

Koshien Heroes – High School Baseball in Japan 

Koshien: The most emotional sports tournament in the world | CNN.

“Lesson Study” as Professional Culture in Japanese Schools

Letter to JT’s Bilingual column “Language policy hurts children”

Letter (Japan Times, July 18, 2013) by Hiroshi Noror, “Battling the language in Japan,” that people at present are studying Japanese harder than ever right here in Japan.

Maruyama F. “An Overview of the Higher Education System in Japan” (PDF version) highlights the implications of the unique feature of high privatization of HE in Japan

Masalski, Kathleen. (2001). ” Examining the Japanese History Textbook Controversies.” A Japan Digest produced by the National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies. Full text at http://www.indiana.edu/~japan/Digests/textbook.html.

MEXT: What is it Good For? | Nippon.com

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) (2006), OECD Thematic Reviews of Tertiary Education: Country Background Report of Japan (available at

MEXT (2009), Quality Assurance Framework in Higher Education in Japan (available at www. mext.go.jp/english/highered)

MEXT (2011), Higher Education in Japan (available at www. mext.go.jp/english/highered)

Newby H. et al. (2009), OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education: Japan OECD

OECD. “Japan: A Story of Sustained Excellence

Poole, Gregory S. “Higher Education Reform in Japan: Amano Ikuo1 on ‘The University in Crisis”  International Education Journal, Vol. 4, No.3, 2003

Ichikawa, Shogo.” Japanese Education in American Eyes: a response to William K. Cummings
Comparative Education. Volume 25, Issue 3, 1989

Saito, Yasuo. “Higher education in Japan

School Life in Japan: School Day, Lunches

The 1990s and Koshien: How Has High School Baseball Changed in Connection with Changes in Society? | Yomiuri

The Debate over Japan’s Academic Decline | Nippon.com

The education of Japan’s educators | Japan Today

The KOSHIEN: The national high school baseball tournament | Education in Japan

Times Higher Education, 7 Jun 2012 “Beyond those shores

Toray Composites (America), Inc. (TCA) Science Experiment Class for Local Japanese Elementary School Children (Feb. 4-5, 2013)

Toru, Kikawa. “Gakureki to Kakusa-Fubyōdō: Seijukusuru Nihongata Gakureki Shakai (Education and Social Inequality: Contemporary Educational Credentialism in Japan)” SSJJ (2008) 11 (2): 364-368 first published onlineOctober 17, 2008

University Reform and the New Basic Act on Education | Nippon.com

Yonezawa,  Akiyoshi (2006), “Japan” in Forest J.F. & Altbach P.G. (eds.) International Handbook
of Higher Education PartⅡ Springer pp.829-837

See also the Bundle of articles from JAPAN HIGHER EDUCATION OUTLOOK (JHEO) 

For a booklist on Education in Japan, go to this page.

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