Little Angel’s Academy & Kindergarten (Mitaka-shi, Tokyo)



Mitaka campus: 1-3-2, Kamirenjaku, Mitaka shi, Tokyo. Phone:    0422-52-8381   

Kichijoji campus: 4-9-15, Honcho, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 181-0004 Phone:    0422-57-6887   

Little Angel’s offers early education based on Indian curriculum. It has an English Academy, as well as international kindergarten and international elementary school programs. It also offers an afterschool “homeschooling program” from 4.30 – 6.30 pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The school uses the project based education as well as the immersion method of language learning for the non-native English speakers. (For the English speakers, appropriate Japanese lessons are offered). Highlighted by the media:

Kodomonijikan :”We teach Indian Mathematics in English and we use English drills to teach English. However, we combine both Japanese and Indian methods of education at the preschool stage. Japanese method makes excellent use of musical instruments to teach music, and crafts and Origami for teaching various other concepts.” Rani’s policy is to “have fun even while learning”and the amazing thing is that she says it with out any innuendo. “Even when we speak in Japanese, the children reply in English.” “The children actually understood English. I watched the Mathematics class in both the lower and upper classes, where everything was being explained in English. The majority of the children, about 80% are Japanese. They are from ordinary families and they speak Japanese at home. The children have adaptability and India has the know-how to teach English.” “Extraordinary mathematical ability and multiple language ability are the characteristics of Indian education”; Asahi-IHT :”MITAKA, Japan: At the Little Angels English Academy & International Kindergarten, the textbooks are from India, most of the teachers are South Asian, and classroom posters depict animals out of Indian tales, including dancing elephants in plumed turbans. The kindergarten students even color maps of India in the green and saffron of its flag.//But Little Angels is situated in this Tokyo suburb, and only one of its 45 students is Indian. Most are Japanese.” Click on these other reviews by Oggi-magazine; CNN; AERA article in English; NY Times

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