Summer schools/camps abroad

Summer school in an English-speaking country is an excellent and popular way for students living in Japan to get exposure to a way of life that is different to their own, as well as to be in an English-language immersion environment. We are beginning here a listing of summer schools that will take international students from around the world and will be adding to it constantly.
International Summer School at Moira House, University Hall of Residence, St Andrew’s; and Bethany Centre
An enjoyable English language learning experience – together with organised sports, activities and excursions, International Summer School runs 4 different summer school centres for boys and girls aged from 7-19 years in the south of England. 3 of the schools are based in Eastbourne, while the fourth is in Kent (“the Garden of England”).
Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters Country Park

Eastbourne is on the south coast of England – in the much favoured Meads area of the town, within walking distance of the seafront and town centre. Gatwick Airport is about an hour’s drive away and Heathrow around 90 minutes.

The aim of International Summer School is to create a lively and happy atmosphere that makes learning and international communication enjoyable. Young people can thrive, have fun, but also gain considerable skills in English. Our programme offers a well balanced timetable of English tuition, sport and fun activities combined with outings to recreational and cultural centres. A full day in London is always included, as well as other places of cultural interest.

Students of all creeds and cultures are welcomed as our aim is to create a summer school which can truly be described as International. When we return your child to you at the end of their stay, we hope they will feel enriched by their experience with us and will look forward to returning to meet friends made at International Summer School the following year, as so many do. For further information please contact us.


Heathfield International Summer School and Summer Camp

Heathfield School, a girls’ boarding school in Ascot, south-east England, runs an English and activities Summer School for girls aged 8 to 17 and an activities Summer Camp for girls aged 8 to 14. Heathfield St Mary’s School was founded in 1899, for the purpose of giving English girls the best education (seethis page for a history of the school). The school is one of the top boarding schools in England. With the newest educational systems and facilities and gives a traditional education. Heathfield International Summer School is recognized by the British council. Every year girls of 8~17 years old from more than 20 countries are participating in the course, and many of them are repeaters. Contact Venetia International to make arrangements on your behalf with the boarding school. You can make bookings through Venetia International in Japan.


Summer Study in Oxford
Give Yourself the Oxford Edge / Prepare for university Phone:      +44 1865 793 333   Email: Fax: +44 1865 793 233  Thousands of young people travel to England each year, especially during the summer, to participate in a different culture, in sightseeing and in study programs and to experience the challenge and excitement of living abroad. The courses available range from those with a content and quality that is only marginally transferable to a student’s own educational system to those which are specifically designed to be intellectually stimulating and academically relevant. The Oxford Advanced Studies Program offers students a rewarding summer study experience, together with the chance to visit some of the treasures to be found in this ancient city and also some of England’s heritage beyond.
One-on-one tutorials are the core of the teaching method. This student-centred mode of instruction offers a high degree of personal attention, constructive appraisal of students’ learning and understanding, and encourages greater academic participation and maturity. The tutorial allows thinking to develop in a supportive environment and the opportunity to explore topics of particular interest. It is an extremely effective method that students invariably find both stimulating and productive.
Oxford itself offers a backdrop of historic scholarship and timeless splendour, a sure source of inspiration. The course is far from being simply about academic work and a full schedule of visits and activities is offered, lending an important social dimension to the overall experience. Our students are given more than a taste of England’s historical and cultural heritage, adding to the richness of their time with us.
Our staff are invariably impressed by the calibre of their students and by the development of thought and understanding that takes place. Our students are typically planning to attend a competitive college or university and rank well above average. They are intellectually enquiring, independent and able to cope with the unusual and the challenging. They enjoy the opportunity of using to advantage the resources that this great university city can offer. Established in 1984, ours is a unique summer study opportunity and we hope you may wish to join us!
Oxford Study Courses IB revision courses & study guides Easter & summer courses in UK/USA

CAMP BEAUMONT UK Adventure Holidays. Combining English language lessons, adventure activities and cultural excursions, our holidays are about making new friends, trying new activities and being immersed in the British culture.
Our English language programmes are unique combining formal language lessons with adventure activities and a focus on being part of a British community, immersed in the English language on a day-today basis.
From the moment campers step off the plane, we ensure they are immersed in the British culture and way of life, from making lots of English friends, excursions to local places of history and our special “Brit Bash” evening.
Request a brochure here.

The University of Cambridge International Summer School – gives you the opportunity to undertake a unique academic adventure at one of the world’s leading universities. During July and August 2008 you can attend a variety of programmes at this historic institution – ranging from Science and History to Shakespeare and Literature. With a wide range of over 160 courses we’re sure that you will find something to inspire you! New for 2008: study English alongside our interdisciplinary programme – undertake academic study and improve your English language skills at the same time. More info at
Harvard Summer School
A rewarding Ivy League experience awaits you at Harvard Summer School. Our rich academic environment creates numerous avenues for study and growth at America’s oldest and most prestigious university. You can satisfy your intellectual curiosity, earn college credit, learn from a distinguished faculty and explore the outstanding resources of Harvard U. More than 250 courses on campus or online in an eight-week session and two intensive four-week sessions are offered. Also available are several special programs including the Secondary School Program, a selective university-level program for secondary school students and The Institute for English Language Programs, featuring Englis h language instruction for nonnative speakers. For more info visit www.summer.harvard. edu

 American Home Life International Homestays

For those of you interested in a summer camp in the States, the following is a fantastic and wholesome music camp and not so expensive:
My son has gone for two years and it was very inspirational to him. He had  American Home Life International Homestays for those of you interested in a summer camp in the States, the following is a fantastic and wholesome music camp and not so expensive:

My son has gone for two years and it was very inspirational to him. He had guitar and vocal lessons both years.
My niece went there for 5 years and then became a counselor. It is amazing how much the kids learn in just a month, and they have a number of opportunities to perform. No prior experience with instruments required–just a desire to learn them, and/or to sing. The sense of purpose the kids have there is profound.–SP

I have been in touch with American Home Life International for ten years while living here in Japan and met the founder two or three times as well as the Japan representative when I organized homestay orientationsat the schools at which I taught. In addition, I have had several students go on one of their homestay programs at my recommendation. All of them had good to excellent experiences, and I have also heard verypositive stories from whole groups of people who have gone. This homestay is open to anyone from junior high age (13 for girls, 14
for boys!) and older (adults of all ages are welcome). The purpose can bepleasure, education or a mix of both, and there are many options open in each category. For pleasure, there are many things to do in Lancaster itself which is atourist area due to the Amish population, Pennsylvania Dutch (German)cooking, and Hershey, Pennsylvania, famous for Hershey’s chocolate and a Hershey Theme Park. Then there are periodically day or two-day trips to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore or New York City and evensometimes Boston. If any students junior high or above (girls 13 is fine and boys shouldbe above 13!) including adults are interested, they can contact us or contact American Home Life International directly or one of their Japanese representatives in Yokohama and Tokyo. See moreat their website at: It is under construction right now, so it will soon have much moreinformation, but it does have the Japan contacts listed as follows* Tokyo: Ms. Tomoko ShimoMustard Seed OCC Bld. 2F Mustard Seed2-1 Kanda
Surugadai Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0062 JAPAN Phone: 3-3296-1006 Fax:
3-3296-1010 E-mail:* Yokohama: Mrs. Kazuko NakamuraYokohama
Club 84-18 Shikimidai, Asahi-kuYokohama, 241JAPANPhone/Fax: 45-366-2668E-mail: Nobuhisa Ishida

American Home Life International, Sakurabashi Toyo Bldg. 4F2-16, 2-chome, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku,
Osaka 530-002 JAPAN Phone:                 06-6342-6500          Fax: 06-6342-6505 E-mail: I know Kazuko Nakamura, who is really a nice person and havecommunicated a couple times with Ms. Shimo who seems nice too. Anyway, I am excited about working for such a solid organization as American Home Life International. They are a Christian organization and make that clear in their programs. – S&TB

Lemania College Lausanne, Switzerland

Study and take intensive French or English summer courses from July-August in Switzerland in a multicultural environment: intensive French (Alliance francaise, DELF) / Intensive English (Cambridge, Toefl & TOEIC) / Diplomes: commerce, Gestion secretaire de direction) / Maturite suisse / Baccalaureate francais. 2 locations: Lakeside Campus or Alpine Campus / boarding or day students. More at

Long Lake Camp for the Arts – We attract campers who want to concentrate in classical, jazz, rock and vocal music. Emphasis on performing with new found friends every weekend.

Camp Encore/Coda – Summer music camp in southwestern Maine established in 1950. Band, orchestra, jazz band, chorus, jazz choir, musical theater. Waterfront, sports, arts & crafts, model rockets.


The US French Woods performing arts summer camps? They have been promoted among the Japanese community too since 1997.

French Woods Festival was founded in 1970 in the US and promoted in Japan since 1997. See 15th French Woods Summer Camp page in Japanese

The US American East Coast New York French Woods Summer Camp program:LLocated on a private lake in the western Catskills of New York State, just 120 miles from New York City, is the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts. Children from throughout the United States and around the world participate in a program run by certified teachers and complimented by counselor specialists. Through the years the program has expanded and now includes dance, theater, music, circus, magic, visual arts, as well as well rounded sports and horseback riding programs.

French Woods offers children from seven to seventeen a unique opportunity to explore their interests and improve their abilities in a wide variety of performing and visual arts as well as more traditional camp activities. Each child is able to create a unique schedule that caters to their own individual interests and abilities. Children come from across the United States as well as many countries to participate in our extensive program. Regardless of your abilities, there is a place for you in every program at French Woods Festival. You may attend any or all of our four 3 week sessions.

To see for example, their music camp activities: . or their art camp, circus camp, etc.

Philosophy from the website:

“French Woods is a place where your dreams are important. Counselors and adult staff utilize our facilities to make those dreams possible. Our non-competitive programs give you a choice over which activities you take part in and the opportunity to excel.

Our staff will encourage campers to try new things and be challenged in an environment that supports success. We find performing in a theater, circus, dance or music program builds personal confidence and teaches teamwork.”


A setsumekai briefing session will be held at Seijo Hall, Located A 2-minute walk from Odakyu Line Seijo-Gakuemmae Station north exit | Phone: 03-3484-1422 Email:

Session A: From Sunday, July 17 to Tuesday, August 9 (nature activities in a forest and lake setting)

Session B: From Saturday, August 6 to Tuesday, August 30

24 days of camp with a variety of programs to suit different ages, mainly catering to fourth graders – twelfth graders.  [First grader – third graders have been accepted in the past, too.]


Performing Arts Summer Camp for Kids – A summer camp for boys and girls 6-16 with programs in Theater, Art, Music, Dance & Rock on a beautiful campus in Northeastern Pennsylvannia. Established in 1964.


ROCK ‘n ROLL Camp for Girls

An intensive one week day camp in Portland, Oregon for girls ages 8-18, campers of all skill levels learn guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, vocals, or DJing, form a band, write a song, and perform at the end of week sold out Showcase for friends, family, and hundreds of screaming fans.
Rock n Roll Camp for Girls is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to empowering young women through music. RnRC4G offers a weeklong summer camp, several year-round programs and operates 16 Records, an independent record label.
Winner Bell, executive director: The Rock n Roll Camp for Girls is an after-school program and a summer day camp in Portland, oregon for girls ages 8-18. Campers of all skill levels learn guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, vocals or DJing, form a band, write a song and perform at sold-out showcases for friends, family and hundreds of screaming fans at the end of week orterm. We seek to demonstrate — through lessons, mentorship, positive examples, and shared experiences of the staff and volunteers — that every genre of music, from the heaviest to the most delicate, And every technical job and creative endeavor in the music industry is available to any girl or woman who wants to explore it.

Who is it?
Women musicians, camp counselors, interns, and volunteers come together with campers from around the world to put the amp in camp!

How Much Is It?
$375/camper. Limited financial aid is available.

When is it?
Session 1: June 22-27, 2009
Session 2: July 13-18, 2009
Session 3: July 26- August 1, 2009
Can I Sign Up for Hip Hop Elements in Summer Camp?
Yes, during session 3 of Summer Camp, we offer DJing, MCing, Break Dancing, and Beat Making/Producing.
Do you have an over night camp?
We do not. We are a day camp and do not provide room and board for our campers, but you can signify on you application that you are interesting in being hosted by another camper and their family. We also have group hotel rated available that are listed Here.

Their mission is to encourage, engage, and showcase the musical, artistic and individual talents of girls and young women ages 8 – 18. Afterschool classes range from music lessons to self publishing to self defense.


National Geographic’s Summer Programmes send your kids to “to die-for” destinations, on a variety of challenging assignments. See this page for full details.


Dean Close School English International School: Unrivalled activity programme for students from around the world. Dean Close School is based in the UK and has been educating students from around the world for over a century and has an international reputation for English language teaching and sporting excellence.
During summer 2009, we will be welcoming children and teenagers from around the world to our International Summer School.

Manor Courses Residential English Summer School/Camp for young international students: /Junior children (6-11 yrs) Snr children (12-17 yrs) / English, Sports, Sightseeing tours Art, Music, Drama -fully inclusive


Cicero Languages International. English in UK for kids
Host family and residential courses with full programme of activities

Pace homestays


Summer Camp in China Chinese courses & cultural activity Unique Homestay program in China!


Intrax Study Abroad in Japan’s monthly immersion programme / summer cultural programme / academic year programme


Music Summer Camps – a listing by – a listing of international music camps taking place in various venues around the world


National Outdoor Leadership School(NOLS) –  The Leader in Wilderness Education. Founded in 1965 by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, NOLS–a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational institution–takes people of all ages on remote wilderness expeditions, teaching technical outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics in some of the world’s wildest and most awe-inspiring classrooms. What NOLS teaches cannot be learned in a classroom or on a city street. It takes practice to learn outdoor skills and time to develop leadership. The wilderness provides the ideal setting for this unique education.

With courses ranging from 10 days to a full academic year, we attract highly motivated students who want to learn how to lead. Our hands on, learn-by-doing approach means that our graduates get the skills they need to be competent, responsible wilderness travelers long after their course is over.

NOLS’ college credit program is unparalleled in wilderness education.

Every NOLS course is approved for credit and more than 75 percent of our college-age students take advantage of this option. More than 400 colleges and universities nationwide have accepted NOLS/University of Utah credit, and many more grant their own credit for NOLS courses.

University of Utah College Credit

For more than 20 years NOLS has offered college credit through the University of Utah, one of the nation’s premier research universities. These courses are offered through the University’s departments of Biology, Health Education, and Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Short term trips are available and courses are available for teen kids starting from 14 years onwards:

Available courses for 14 -15 year olds include:


Pacific Northwest

Rocky Mountains

Teton Valley

For 16 year olds:

Rocky Mountains

Teton Valley

Pacific Northwest




For 17 year olds and beyond:

Rocky Mountains

Teton Valley

Pacific Northwest





Further information:

High School and Teen Study and Summer Camps Abroad

The best summer camps (World’s Luxury Guide)

Top 10 Summer Camps

Best Summer Camps for Kids (Babble)

Forbe’s Summer Camps resource

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