Kunitachi Kids International School & Tokyo West International Elementary School (Tachikawa, Tokyo)

Kunitachi Kids International School Website: http://www.kkids.jp/

6-14-26 Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa shi, Tokyo 190-0023

6-3-1 Sunagawa-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0031

Kunitachi Kids Ph: 042-534-9681  Email: school@kkids.jp

Tokyo West Ph: 042-534-9681 Email:  school@tokyowest.jp

Kunitachi Kids opened 5 years ago as the first international preschool and kindergarten in the Tachikawa, Fuchu, Fussa, Tokyo area (40 minutes away from the Yokota airbase). Kunitachi Kids has as its objective —  to foster the growth of bilingual, bicultural children so they learn the importance of independence, teamwork and respect for others. This is accomplished through innovative programs in music, arts and crafts, Japanese, international culture, special events and especially sports. Sports not only build physical strength, but also promote learning languages naturally.

Facilities include an artificial grass yard, an indoor gym and an outdoor swimming pool. The school offers soccer, tennis, gymnastics, swimming and dance with licensed instructors. The highly qualified teachers are all public license holders of early childhood or kindergarten education
with years of experience. The school takes great pride in the school environment for its safety, design and colors, providing lots of fun and making children feel at home. 2 school buses available. The school provides many computers, musical instruments and gymnastic gears for use by the children. The school offers soccer, tennis, gymnastics, swimming and dance with licensed instructors.

Educational goals (from its website):

1) To bring our children up as people who can think and solve problems by themselves. By this, we mean to develop their ability to rely on themselves in the future as adults.
2)To bring our children up as people who can communicate with respect and understanding for all nationalities and cultures worldwide. The school is registered as a Tokyo metropolitan government school.

The school offers a variety of activities in order to achieve these goals. Our activities are categorized into the following six curricula:

Life: Cultural Customs / Personal Hygiene / Clothes Changing / Table Manners / ETC.
Basic Studies: Speaking / Reading / Writing / Phonics / Grammar / Math / Science / Geography / Computer Applications / ETC.
Music: Singing / Dancing / Keyboard / Piano / Drums / Violin
Art: Drawing / Painting / LEGO Building / Hand crafts / ETC.
Physical Education: Ball practice / Soccer / Tennis / Dodge-ball / Gymnastics / Ballet / Swimming / Hip-Hop / Park Play / ETC.
Cultures & Events: New Comers / Graduates / Birthday Parties / Sleep-Over Nights / Sports Day / Barbeques / Halloween / Christmas / Setsubun / Girl’s day / Boy’s day / Tanabata / Field Trips / Other Japanese Cultural Events / ETC.
Please refer to the Main Subjects section for our main activities.

The school boasts:
Elite Teaching Staff and Employees
Excellent Follow-up
Great Facilities
40% Foreign Student Ratio
No Long Vacations
Additional Services

Affiliated to: Tokyo West International Elementary School

From the school website: http://tokyowest.jp/

“Tokyo West International Elemantary School is the elementary division of Kunitachi Kids International School…

Non-Japanese students who are living in Japan can learn all subjects through English. They will also learn the Japanese language at the same level as Japanese students during G1-G6. Through their experiences which are not only Japanese language but also Japanese culture, they will learn to understand and respect other cultures.

Japanese students who graduate from International preschools and kindergartens will be eligible to enroll in the Elementary School. Not only will the students learn to speak, read and write at the native level of English but also the ability to understand and respect cultures other than their native culture. This will give them the tools to be able to become great leaders of the world in future.

We believe that our elementary school graduates should go to the international schools for G7-G9. However, if students choose to go to Japanese public or private Junior High Schools, since we will focus on a high level of Japanese language education, this transition should take place smoothly. Our Japanese language curriculum will have provided a G7 program when students graduate from the elementary school.”

Further information from the school website:

“Language Arts (English), Japanese, Math, Science, Social Studies, Gymnastics,Swimming, Art and Music classes will be taught by licensed teachers and professionals in their respective fields. Instruction in all academic subjects is based on American (Massachusetts State), Australian, and Japanese National standards. English only will be the language of instruction for all classes except Japanese language as it is currently in our Kindergarten and Pre-School programs.

Japanese language instruction is designed to be as much or even more than that provided by Japanese Elementary Schools in Japan.
Japanese class will take place every day and will be customized to each individual student’s level. Physical Education classes will also take place every day and will utilize our on-site swimming pool, indoor gymnasium, and outdoor play area.

We have started the process and expect to receive accreditation from two America-based accrediting organizations in the spring of 2012. We plan to apply for accreditation from a third major international accrediting organization with the aim of getting this additional accreditation by the year 2015.”

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