Educate your kid at home 101 (A)

1. History of Education Through the Ages and of Homeschooling:

History of Education in Japan:

Education in Japan  / history of writing in Japan / Statistics on Education in Japan / History Textbook Controversy in Japan  /Education Reform and Issues / Shadow Education in Japan / Five Day School Week / History / Music Education in Japan / Education System in Japan (chart) / Fundamental Law on Education/ Education in Japan overview & history/
2. What Is Homeschooling and Afterschooling?

3. FAQs What is homeschooling? and other questions answered

  • Q & A FAQs by Brian Covert
  • Homeschooling FAQs in Japan by Tomiko Kugai, a homelearning advocate and parent in Himeji (translated by Kazumi Ohkubo Covert and Brian Covert)

4. Reasons to Homeschool:

5. Is it Possible to Homeschool?:

6. Socialization issue

7. Starting Out:

8. Decisions and Choices on Curricula and Resources:

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