Leonardo da vinci Academy

UWebsite: www.leonardodavinciacademy.org

Address: LDVA 449-3 Aza Uesu, Uruma-shi, Okinawa (Map directions here)

Phone: 098-973-4637 e-mail: adrian_arce@mac.com

Leonardo Da Vinci Academy was established as a result of founders Eugenia and Adrian Arce’s perception of the need of children and youth from both Okinawan and American communities living in Okinawa island for valid alternatives of education.

The Academy offers an excellent and flexible option for studies through its “custom made” curriculum starting with the actual knowledge of the student. The follow-up is made through a personalized tutoring program.

In Leonardo Da Vinci Academy, the student develops independence in the methodology, builds his personality with a strong ethic and becomes creative in solving problems. The Academy’s philosophy is to promote an interdisciplinary approach, independence in the development of the student and to build of strong ethical values and wisdom in the usage of the student’s time.

Another distinctive policy of the Academy is its “no homework” policy. It does this by allocating 220 school days per schoolyear compared to the 180 days of the typical international school. It also distributes the daily schedule in a different way by gaining 60 minutes a day for the required curricular subjects (Math, Language, Science, History, etc.) so that it can leave the after-school time for focusing on sports and family time.

Professional psychological support is applied to the learning development of each student. Through the Academy’s partnership with US based curriculum, it offers a program recognized internationally as well as by the Department of Education of the United States.

see youtube vid https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KMJQLbe3Sf0

5 thoughts on “Leonardo da vinci Academy”

  1. “no homework” is a policy different from other Acedemy or schools. I also want an education like that. By that way, the students have time for their entertainment activities such as sports, out-door picnic, etc…

    Tony is Webmaster at notary classes

  2. ” no homework” thats not a good policy in the school especially to the kindergarten, elementary and high school. It because if the students has no homework that time they will not remember there notes to open and study they don’t scared for tomorrow class to enter there rooms,not like for having an assignment they can open there notes and they can study to prepare for tomorrow class because they will fear if they can’t answer the questions of there teachers, you know when i was in high school everyday our teacher give us an assignment then if we can’t pass our assingment and we can’t answer the questions of my teachers we can’t enter our rooms thats why we study hard so that i can answer all the questions of my teachers.

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