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A number of studies have suggested that the arts appear to play a role in brain development, perhaps changing the structure of young students’ brains and the way they think. Card sharps Bridge club holds clues to lucid aging.
The press conference in New York last week had all the fanfare of a Hollywood premiere, and at the center of it all was the remarkably complete fossil of a 47-million-year-old, lemurlike primate that researchers introduced as our distant relative.
Sunday, May 24, 2009 Japan Times

Pupils at leading schools warned against applying to top universities because of ‘bias’  

Gender-bending chemical timebomb fear for boys’ fertility
BBC – May 13, 2009
Chemicals in food, cosmetics and cleaning products are ‘feminising’ unborn boys and raising their risk of cancer and infertility later in life, an expert is warning. 
Will Universal Preschool Increase Universal Inequality? National Institute for Literacy article
Facebook and grades: The debate continues
USA tODAY – May 8, 2009
A question about whether Facebook use has any impact in college students’ grades continues to create debate.
‘It’s just puppy fat’: How parents deceive themselves about overweight children
Daily Mail – May 8, 2009
Seven in ten parents of overweight children are in denial about the problem, researchers have warned. 

 Co-ed vs Single Sex

All girls – better grades
Graduates of all-girls schools have higher SAT test scores and greater confidence in math and computer skills, concludes a new, large-scale study on single-sex learning.
Thinking Matters The Independent
What to learn: ‘core knowledge’ or ’21st-century skills’? USA Today
Back to basics “core curriculum” or 21st century skills
The issue: Do kids learn to think by reading great literature, doing difficult math and learning history, philosophy and science? Or can they tackle those subjects on their own if schools simply teach them to problem-solve, communicate, use technology and think creatively? The criticism:  If you pursue the latter, the rich content you’re after inevitably “falls by the wayside.” While kids may enjoy working together on projects, for instance, the amount of knowledge they get often ends up being shallow. A small group of outspoken education scholars is saying the push for 21st-century skills is taking a dangerous bite out of precious classroom time that could be better spent learning deep, essential content. Core Knowledge holds that an explicit, grade-by-grade “core of common learning” is necessary for a good education. So, for instance, when fifth-graders learn about Galileo’s role in astronomy, they study Italian history and geography as well. Research shows that many teachers find it difficult to actually teach children to think creatively or collaborate. In the end, they rarely get better at the very skills that P21 advocates. Read the full article here  
The end of school books discussed as more shift to e-books Dallas Morning News
Advocates for more technology in the classroom – and fewer textbooks – are stepping up their arguments for change this year, trying to convince Texas lawmakers that the future of electronic textbooks is now

Click and Jane – What are kids learning to read when they learn to read online?
New York Times  

20 Ways AP is Bad — Not!”  About the article how AP can be used to challenge kids in public schools, the elitist opposition to AP and the private school/public school divide.
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Storyline online Here is a wonderful website where famous American actors read children story books in English. Your children can read along with the captions on the bottom of the screen too.
Online homeschool resources. Complete and Exclusive Website for online homeschool resources.
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Japan Educational Gateway –  2000 (by Doshisya International Jenior High School & High School) This is student projects of Doshisha International. This class focuses on exploring media from many perspectives and on creating media ourselves.

More private high school students falling behind on tuition payments


Quote from Japan Times: In last year’s Japanese cases, the majority of victims were middle and primary school students. In poorer countries, the victims are increasingly even younger. Child pornography is a serious form of abuse whose destructive effects extend far beyond the cruel fantasies — and grim realities — on computer screens. — Stopping Child Pornography  

 No Okinawa clause for textbooks

Ace your Japanese proficiency test with the best free Web tools

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