Oyako-Team is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to building up healthy, vibrant parent-child relationships by encouraging parent-child teamwork in all kinds of sports and adventure.  We view parent-child relationships as having “team” dynamics.  Do you desire to deepen your relationship with your child?    If so, please join us and other parent-child teams, as we enjoy many rich experiences together in building our relationships with our kids.

The name “Oyako-Team” comes from two important concepts.  “Oyako” is Japanese for “parent-child,” and “Team” refers to the teamwork dynamic that can help to build a vibrant parent-child relationship.  To help foster this teamwork dynamic, Oyako-Team not only puts on sports and adventure events where the need for teamwork can easily be seen, but also seeks to develop teamwork by promoting the virtues necessary for effective teamwork such as mutual encouragement, interdependence, and a mutual desire for our teammate’s success.  We desire for each parent-child duo to see themselves as a “team.”

One excellent example of the teamwork dynamic in sports is cycling’s team time trial.  In pro cycling’s grand tours, such as the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, pro teams will compete for the best time around a given course, and the time the team earns is the finishing time of the 5th person on the team.  There is no benefit for any one individual (or even four!) to excel in the event, but success only comes as the team works together to ride in tight formations and share the burden of breaking the wind for the rest of the team.  The same teamwork that we see in sports is wonderful to see in the everyday life of parent-child teams, even in fun activities like doing barbecues together.  Visit the Oyako-Team website  for more information and pictures.

Phone: 090-9329-4332 Fax: 042-476-2366 Email: ralph@oyakoteam.org

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