Tree of Wisdom, in front of Benesse Corp., Tama Center

Below are links to the different feature articles, tips and news gathered as a collective resource by homeschooling and afterschooling parents at our discussion forum.

The first link discusses the different terms that are associated with homeschooling or home education or the unique Japanese phenomenon “futoko or school-refuser”.

The second link attempts to sum up the complex picture on whether homeschooling is legal in Japan

The third link brings you to our Resource Room for specific educational resources that might be helpful for homeschooling; and the fourth link provides a FAQ sheet that tries to cover the most-asked questions about homeschooling. The rest of the links relate to various topics and issues pertinent to the homeschooling arena.

Terms that make a difference: “homeschooler”, “home-educated” and “school-refuser” (futoko)?

Legality of Homeschooling in Japan

Resource Room

Q & A about Homeschooling / Homelearning (FAQs)


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