Tokyo West International School (Tachikawa, Tokyo)

Tokyo West International School website


6-3-1 Sunagawa-chou, Tachikawa-city, Tokyo 190-0031 [see Access map]

Phone: 042-534-9681 Email

[The school will be moving to Hachioji in 2014 –  185 Umetsubocho, Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan 192-0013 [ MAP ]

UPDATE!!! CFIS Sports and Music Kindergarten Tachikawa a school with resort-like learning and sports facilities will be opening APRIL 2014!!! [6-14-26 Shibasaki-chou, Tachikawa shi, Tokyo 190-0023 Facebook page Phone: 0042-512-8317]

The school offers instruction in all academic subjects is based on USA, UK, and Japanese National standards, including Language Arts (English), Japanese, Math, Science, Social Studies, Gymnastics, Swimming, Art and Music classes, taught by licensed teachers and professionals in their respective fields. English only will be the language of instruction for all classes except Japanese language as it is currently in the Kindergarten and Pre-School programs.

The school day has been extended to include eight classes in order to cover the instructional standards of USA, UK, and Japan. Thus learning time in our school is two classes per day more than the six classes typical in an American school day. Furthermore, the time scheduled per week for English, Math and Physical Education instruction is about fifty percent greater than the time at most American, Japanese, or other International Schools. Additionally, Japanese language instruction is designed to be as much or even more than that provided by Japanese Elementary Schools in Japan.

Japanese class will take place every day and will be customized to each individual student’s level. Physical Education classes will also take place every day and will utilize our on-site swimming pool, indoor gymnasium, and outdoor play area.

Note: Tokyo West International School is the elementary division of Kunitachi Kids International School

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