Math Printables

I love sites that give you lots of great printables! If you are looking for math printables (here’s a preview) such as:

  • Skip Counting Posters (2-10)
  • Counting by 10 Posters (10 – 100)
  • Counting by 100 Posters (10-100)
  • Simple Hundred Square Posters
  • Hundred Square Posters (Animal)
  • Giant Number Line Banner (-22 to +22)
  • Number Ladders / Bookmarks
  • Desktop number strips (0-30)
  • Number Frogs (0-50)
  • 3 Dice / Cube Templates
  • Game Spinner Templates (Add/Subract)

I’m sure you’ll want to preview  these before you download them…At least I always want to see things first. They are free downloads (however the site does charge a $1 yearly fee to help maintain the cost of the service – but you get unlimited free downloads for a year.) To pick and choose which download(s) you want, go to: Available Downloads

— Information courtesy of Homeschoolingmom

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