Khan Academy Online Tutorials

Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan with the purpose of using technology to foster new learning models. The online academy holds itself out as a free classroom offering a world-class education with an open library as well as user-paced exercises. For an overview of its resources, go to this page.

“Our son was also a big user of online tutorials. Of particular note is Khan Academy, which offers nearly 1,600 short high-quality tutorials on algebra, chemistry, history, economics and other subjects — all created by one guy, and all free.” — Kevin Kelly, “The Way We Live Now” NY Times.

The BBC news article Screen test for the online classroom (BBC, 23 Nov 2011) characterizes the Khan Academy as “the US-based free online tuition service, which helps youngsters to catch up on lessons and bright children to stretch themselves further” and is sure to whip up a larger following by telling us that Bill Gates uses the bite-sized tutorials himself and with his children”…and that he “has hailed the Khan Academy as the “start of a revolution”.

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