Where you can bungy-jump in Japan

Under the shadow of the Tanigawa mountain range and 42 meters (140 feet) above the Tonegawa River, Bungy Japan has established Japan’s only bridge bungy jump site. Located in Minakami, Gunma Prefecture, it offers a unique opportunity for people to challenge themselves, and experience the overwhelming sense of achievement that comes from conquering their fear in a safe and controlled environment. Seriously, you’ll be amazed how you can go from terrified to ecstatic in less than 30 seconds.

Bungy Japan hopes that the sense of achievement which customers gain from pushing themselves out of their comfort zone will stay with them long after they have jumped, and hopefully give them the strength to challenge themselves in other areas of their daily lives. Although just two hours out of Tokyo, when you’re standing on the Minakami bridge about to take a leap of faith, with a mountain range towering above you and rafters and kayakers floating in the river down below, the stress of everyday city life couldn’t be further away.

Bungy Japan’s Minakami site has two New Zealand Safety Standards-approved Jump Masters on hand. Both have over 15 years’ experience in bungy jumping in Japan and New Zealand, and have assisted thousands of customers in taking up the bungy challenge. The company strictly adheres to the NZ Safety Standards Bungy Jump Code of Practice (NZ/AUS 5848), ensuring that all procedures, safety systems, training and equipment comply with this internationally recognized standard.

Adding to the already rich variety of adventure sports on offer in the area (mountain biking, rafting, canyoning, canoeing and paragliding), bungy jumping has solidified Minakami’s reputation as the “Adventure Sports Capital of Japan.” A weekend in Minakami could consist of a slide down a 20 meter waterfall, exploring some of Japan’s most remote locations in a canoe, or soaring through the air hundreds of meters above the ground on a paraglider. All this followed by a BBQ by the river and a long, hot soak in some of the country’s most famous hot springs makes for an unforgettable escape.

143 Obinata, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma. Tel: 0278-72-8133. Email:info@bungyjapan.com. Nearest stn: Jomo-Kogen or Minakami. www.bungyjapan.com/en 



Source: Metropolis Tokyo “Get Out of Town”

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