Nakano International School (Nakano-ku, Tokyo)

Address: 2F Sun City Nakano Bldg,5-2-6 Yayoi-cho Nakano-ku,Tokyo (Access map & info
Phone: 03-5340-8911 Email:

The school’s philosophy is to foster creativity in children and to encourage them to develop a sense of self-respect as well as to learn new ways of communication. The school also pays attention to the development of social skills, independence and responsibility in their children.

  • Teachers concentrate on focus words that relate to the unit under study, and emphasise the words in our other curriculum areas.
  • Books, rhymes, videos, told stories, puppets are used to expose children to as much English language as possible.
  • Music is a natural way for children to learn rhythm and beat and is used daily to encourage listening.
  • The curriculum also seeks to help develop Fine Motor Skills and hand/eye coordination needed for writing, reading.
  • School activities seek to develop Large Motor Skills – to encourage confidence, balance, coordination.
  • Math activities encourage the verbal and written numeral forms as well as basic maths counting, addition, subtraction, sharing, grouping, sorting.
  • Science activities are carried on to encourage an interest in the environment.

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