Kitty International School & Preschool (Meguro-ku, Tokyo)


1-17-9-101 Kakinoki-zaka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 152-0022
Access: 3 min. from the station to Kakinokizaka School and head office
Phone: 03-5701-0054 Fax: 03-5701-0409 Email:

Kitty Club Inc. runs Kitty Club School which is an English conversation school with an international school as well as international preschool arm. The school caters to students aged between 1 year to 15 years old.

From their website: “It is one of the best children’s English schools in Japan. … Kitty Club consists of five schools (all in the SW Tokyo area see access map) where over 450 children come weekly to enjoy learning English in a relaxed and fun environment. Each class is limited to ten students, giving lots of time for personal attention.

The lessons are filled with songs, games, and educational activities that provide each student with the opportunity to learn and participate.

The lessons are supported by a multi-level curriculum (Kitty System) that includes monthly targets for conversation and vocabulary, as well as structured worksheets and homework books.
A: Preschool Premium Course / children aged 1-3, 9:30am-2:30pm:
B: Kids International Course / children aged 1-3, 10:00am-12:00noon
In morning classes children aged 1-3 come to learn the basic steps of English. In class native English teachers are paired with a Japanese teacher to make a great team.

Super Kitty Course A / children aged 3-6, 3hrs each lesson

Super Kitty Course B / children aged 5-9, 150min. each lesson
Step-up Course A / children aged 3-5, 50min. each lesson
Step-up Course B / children aged 6-10, 50min. each lesson
Step-up Course C / children aged 9-12, 50min. each lesson

-In afternoon classes kindergarten and elementary school students come for 50-minute lessons. These lessons are lead by the Native teacher who is guiding the class in songs, games, conversation, and other activities.

In addition, these enrichment classes are also available:
Super Edison’s Course (Mathematics & Geometry) / children aged 3-10, 90 min. each lesson
Edison’s Course (Mathematics & Geometry) / children aged 3-10, 50 min. each lesson

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