Upbeat International School (Nagoya city, Aichi)

Website: www.upbeatjapan.com/

Address: 2-13 Juichiban-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 454-0056
Phone: 052-661-3135/ Fax: 052-387-7780
Access: Rokuban-cho Station・Meiko Line

The school programs feature team-taught English-only Immersion classes, and applying the Integrated Theme-based Approach, Total Physical Response and the Upbeat Methods. Programs cater for 1.5 year-olds onwards.

2 thoughts on “Upbeat International School (Nagoya city, Aichi)”

  1. If you’re a teacher in search of a job better skip this one.
    They have a stupid contract for that allow them to take 100.000¥ from you last pay if you leave before contract ends. And you will want to leave after few months if you can’t stand their bossy treatment. You have no idea how many teachers left that place with regret they signed that contract. Probably the most hated English school I ever worked in Japan.

  2. This is the school in Rokubancho where few years ago an Indian teacher locked a kid in the toilet and turned the light off to punish him. So many bad things happens in that school.

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