Izu’s wonderful waterfalls & gorges


Kawazu Nanadaru (Seven Falls of Kawazu) in Kawazu-Cho is the famous series of seven large and small waterfalls found along the upper part of the Kano River (namely, Odaki, Deaidaki, Kanidaki, Hakeidaki, Hebidaki and Kamadaki).

You will find several pairs of statues of a couple at certain locations along the river. They are the characters in Nobel prize-winning writer Yasunari Kawabata’s famous novel “Izu no Odoriko” (Izu Dancer) on account of Kawazu Nanadaru being the setting for his novel. Access to Kawazu Nanadaru is 20 minutes by bus from Yugashima Onsen.

The Old Amagi Tunnel (“Kyu Amagi Tonneru”)

Another spot we visited was the oldest existing stone tunnel “Kyuu Amagi Tonneru”  at the top of the Amagi Pass. It looked exactly like the tunnel that was featured at the beginning and ending of Ghibili Studio’s anime story, “Sentochihiro”.

Walking along the old route from Amagi Pass to Yugano, you’ll find the inn that Kawabata stayed at and the public bathhouse the dancers used.
There is five-hour-and-a-half trail via Amagi Tunnel between Joren Falls and Kawazu Nanadaru (Seven Falls of Kawazu). Access to the trail is 25 minutes by bus from Kawazu Station or 1 hour by bus from Shimoda Station. There is a good walking path by the Kawazu River that takes only an hour and a half between the falls and Mizutare bus stop. There are seven hot springs, six between the upper stream and the mouth of the river, and one to the north on the coastline. The onsen village in Kawazu-Cho draws its spring water from seven different hot springs.

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