Books about important or influential women

Here are 2 great books if you are planning any study around women in American History! The books are turn of the century books and can be easily downloaded.

Both can be found on the same site both and are listed under Homeschool Treasures of the Past. Go to the download page

Also, if you’re planning a study on Clara Barton, check out these other books you can get at the local library:

  • Amazing civil war nurse Clara Barton by Mary Dodson Wade
  • The life and times of Clara Barton by Susan Sales Harkins
  • Clara Barton : I want to help! by Cathy East Dubowski
  • The Clara Barton you never knew by James Lincoln Collier

If you are planning a study on Helen Keller, check out these downloadable resources (worksheets):

– Courtesy of Homeschoolingmom from the EIJ discussion forum

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