Kids can cook!

If  my kids are anything to go by, kids are just natural at cooking … or getting into the act of it. But you actually can ensure they get to learn to cook with proper supervision at these places:

ABC Cooking Studio (see floor map here) 2F Landmark Tower, Yokohama (nearest station: JR Sakuragicho station)  The studio is popular for its one-day lessons where you can drop off your kids for their lesson and then go off shopping at Landmark Tower (and vicinity). Pizza menus, baking lessons as well as more substantial menus are available. Spanking aluminium professional looking kitchens with kid-sized utensils. Very neat kitchen – possibly the best cooking studio you’ll ever find for kids (see pixes here)! Check out their totally tempting kiddy offerings here. Lessons available 10 am onwards Mon-Fri, Sat and Sun. Phone: 045-222-5220. Studios at Hon-atsugi (ABC Cooking Studio:046-220-6251 ); Sapporo (011-207-1521); Tokyo’s Chuo-ku, Ginza 6-chome 10-1, 7F (03-6252-3613) and many many other locations (all over the country), see full listing here.

The Epicurus Club’s kid’s cooking class at the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Limited places … to reserve phone 0120-806-823  9 am – 21:00 or Email:

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