Eikaiwa (English Conversation) schools listing

This page is new … please be patient as we add to this list. Please feel welcome to send in news and (DO include) details of your schools.

Prince Eibei Gakuen

Website: http://www.p-eibei.com By Kohgakusha Academy
Offers eikawa- English conversation classes as well as more academic courses (6,300 yen per month) leading to Eiken testing and TOIEC tests.
The Prince system offers English instruction using the direct method – where English alone is used and an English-speaking environment is created; the Activity Method – body movements and visualisation techniques are used to aid learning; the Phonics Method – phonetic sounds are taught to allow for accurate pronunciation; Double Running method – where an environment with the effect of a “shower-bath” of English vocabulary words result in higher absorption of the English language into the student’s head.
A campaign is currently on during the month of September to October – where entrance fees of 15,750 yen are being waived 100% and the first 4 lessons are offered free. Instruction by native English speakers and small-sized classes. Schools in 14 locations.  Halloween events, 2-3 day Camps, Daycamps, and British Hills packages offered.

3 thoughts on “Eikaiwa (English Conversation) schools listing”

  1. Are there such schools in miyazaki-shi, Japan. I am a native English speaker and a student of Miyazaki university. I am interested in teaching english language especially part-time. I would like to know where such Eikawa schools are located in Miyazaki.

  2. I am an esl teacher in the philippines, i am looking for an eikawa school where i can work. Are u on hiring now?

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