New Middle School Math Resource and Tutoring

Updated Oct 2, 2011 offers

TWO-FOR-ONE TUTORING SALE offers a free Middle School Math curriculum, with over 100 sequential lessons on the concepts needed to prepare a student for high school math. Each lesson includes a fun, 10 – 15 minute video lesson covering that lesson’s concepts, and allowing the student to “You Try It”. The video lessons are accompanied by a Worksheet to print and practice the concepts taught in the lesson, plus a self-grading on-line quiz, which show how to correctly do any problem the student misses on the quiz. All this material is free!

MasterMath also offers you a way to take your student to the next level. Adding some private tutoring to the free lessons will allow me to either remediate, if the student hasn’t mastered the concepts, or push the student further, if she “gets it”. I personally conduct all of the tutoring sessions.

These one hour lessons are conducted over GoToMeeting, a safe, secure virtual meeting website. The student sees me and my computer screen, hears me, and can solve problems I put on my screen. I can hear the student, and see his computer screen. All you need is an internet connection, and a microphone on your computer (or a telephone). It’s a Virtual Classroom experience!

The easy to follow curriculum schedules lessons for four quarters of 6th, 7th and 8th grades, and follows FDOE’s curriculum. Ultimately, there will be over 110 lessons. Each lesson includes:

1. a 10 – 15 minute video lesson teaching bench-marked concepts,

2. a printable worksheet testing comprehension of these concept,

3. a self-grading, on-line quiz which explains the steps required to solve any questions the student misses.

Each video lesson includes several “You Try It” sections. After I’ve shown the student how to do a problem, they are given a chance to “Pause” the video, try a similar problem, and then advance the video to see me solve the same problem.

The normal price for tutoring is $35 for one session, $105 for 4 sessions, or $175 for 8 sessions. BUT, for any sessions purchased before October 12, 2011, I’ll double your credits! Purchase a lesson for $35, I’ll give you two lessons. Purchase 8 lessons for $175, I’ll give you 16 lessons! That’s less than $11 per hour!

You can use these lessons whenever you need them. There is no need to schedule them all at once. Just schedule a lesson whenever you think it would be helpful.

At the risk of sounding like I’m selling cars, let me throw out one more incentive. Purchase lessons between now and October 6th, and I’ll throw in free Quarterly Exams for the rest of this year. After a student has completed a quarter, I’ll send you a test that will assess the student’s comprehension of the concepts covered during that quarter. Return the Quarterly Exam to me, I’ll grade it, and return it to you with comments on what needs to be worked on further.

Help your student get the most out of MasterMath. Add some one-on-one tutoring sessions. Visit MasterMath – Schedule A Session to take your student’s math education to the next level.

If you have any questions or concerns, please respond here, or contact me at

Stan Lisle

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