International Education Center Universe Academy

(aka IEC Universe Academy)


3038 Miyamaru Miyakonojo, Miyazaki
885-0078 Japan
Tel:(0986)26-1874 /Fax: (0986) 26-1878 E-mail

3038, Miyamaru-cho, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki ZIP 885-0078
PHONE (0986)26-1874  FAX (0986)26-1878 
A medium sized school English Kindergarten was founded by Masafumi Seguchi in 1991 with a total enrollment of about 300 students. 
IEC Universe Academy runs an English kindergarten: the curriculum is based in English and our teachers are native English speakers. All the activities, games, songs and lessons are based in English. 

The Academy also operates an English conversation school and the KIDS UNION which offers special projects for elementary school children (KIDS UNION), tutoring and so on.

The JUKU-cram school caters for elementary, junior and senior high school students.

For Elementary students, the following course is offered: English Conversation

English conversation classes at Universe Academy emphasize the speaking of English rather than the study of it in the form of written text. These classes are meant to give students greater fluency in their speaking abilities and also to increase their listening comprehension. Native English speakers are employed in these teaching positions so that students are exposed to a more naturally spoken English than they would be with a second language speaker. Also, very little translating, if any at all, is used in these classes for the express purpose of letting the students build their own schema as to the meaning of what they are learning. The intended result of this is to give the students a more fluid quality in their English by reducing the amount of translating they do in their thinking while they are speaking or listening.

Note: All of the classes other than the conversation classes are taught by Japanese teachers.

IEC offers 4 kinds of conversation classes:

  • General English conversation classes(private, pair and group)
  • Juku conversation classes
  • Kindergarten graduate classes
  • Cycle learning classes

For junior high school students the following courses are available:

  • English Grammar
  • English Conversation

For high school students the following courses are offered:

  • English Grammar
  • English Conversation

3 thoughts on “International Education Center Universe Academy”

  1. Hi!
    I hope you can read this on your best day!
    I am Florante Ligalig, 22 years old and a graduate from an international accredited school with the highest honors in our batch. I am planning to move by this February to Kagoshima with my auntie. I am very much interested in working and teaching English to your school. I have 1 yr working experience as an English teacher in one of the Japanese school here in the Philippines. If you can give me a chance to work in your school, I would surely give all I’ve got just to be the best teacher I can be.

    Thank you and you have a good day!

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